The Birth Control Debate: Why Are Men Dominating The Talk?

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Politics and Leadership
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Okay, I’m a little confused. Why, in the name of God, are men the ones who seem to be the only ones we’re listening to on television about this? Men?! Just a reminder folks, men can’t have babies. I know it’s hard to believe, but men can’t have babies. So should they really be telling women how they should use their bodies or whether or not they can prevent themselves from getting pregnant? My answer: no! (And I’m saying all this as a guy. Then again, I’m a feminist and I grew up in a house full of women and girls, so I guess I’m an exception).

Also, the Catholic Church is making a huge fuss about the birth control option in Obama’s policy. Once again, the people getting upset are the male policy-makers of the Catholic Church, who cannot get pregnant, even if they wear gowns while praying at the altar. And apparently ninety-eight percent of Catholic women use birth control and feel guilty about it. Ladies, don’t feel guilty; feel enraged! I mean, you can’t get birth control but apparently guys can get Viagra. There’s something wrong about all that!

And to all those religious institutions who feel threatened by the birth control policy of the Obama administration, please stop using Nazi Germany references for your plight. The Obama administration is not preventing you from going to school, to public areas, taking away your property or forcing you to wear humiliating yellow patches on your clothes. They’re requiring your insurers to pay for birth control. When all the other stuff I listed starts happening, then you can start complaining about the government barring your religious liberties in a fashion similar to Hitler! The people who should really be complaining about having their religious liberties barred in front of Congress are the Muslims living in France. Have you seen the situation over there?!

Finally, I’d just like to mention that although you object to paying for women’s birth control, you should know that when you pay your employees, they can use that money for whatever they want, even condoms or strip clubs or stuff you guys find abhorrent. Just something to think about.

That’s it for my rant, talk to you later.

  1. Wendy Ungar says:

    Rami: I think you’re straight on! I’m very proud of you, and I think you’re amazing!

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