Reborn City Update 2-27-12

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Novel, Progress Report
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Sound the trumpets, I’m officially a third of the way through editing Reborn City. I just finished Chapter Eight, and although it’s a short chapter, it’s what I’d call a transitional chapter. With this chapter we really start to get into the thick of the plot and to the events that lead to the climax of the novel. I’m looking forward to seeing where I go from here in terms of editing. A lot in the first eight or so chapters has really changed from even the draft before it, so I wonder how much more will change.

Hope to have more for you soon.

Oh, and a huge congratulations to Octavia Spencer for winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in her role of Minny Jackson in The Help. Honestly, you brought the character to life, and endeared her so much to me. I wish you continued success in your future and perhaps, if God blesses me and I’m lucky enough, we could work together sometime (there’s a character in a series I plan to write someday that’s even more cantankerous-yet-hilarious than Minny, and I can’t imagine anyone but Ms. Spencer playing her).

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