Happy Birthday to Rami Ungar the Writer!!!!

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Living and Life, Progress Report


Happy Birthday to the blog,

Happy Birthday to the bog,

Happy Birthday to the blog,

Happy Birthday to the blog.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlebloggers, it was exactly one year ago that Rami Ungar the Writer hit the Internet. And what a year it’s been: including this post, I’ve written 108 posts, racked up 3,049 views (an average of 8.4 a day), at least 150 likes (I lost count after 100), 50 followers that I know of (there’s more than one way to follow a WordPress blog besides signing up through WordPress, and I have no idea how many people do that), and 122 comments. I survived my first year of college, found out two short stories I’d written are going to be published, and was even honored by Anne Rice at one point. But most of all, I’ve found some loyal readers and some great friends, whom I can always count on for an interesting and fun comment conversation.

I’d like to thank WordPress for being an awesome blogging website, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s been with me up till this point. I hope you stay with me while I continue blogging and working on achieving my dream of becoming a horror novelist.

Now before you go out and decide what gift to buy for me, please read the rest of this post:

1. I would appreciate it more if you donated money to an organization supporting LGBT rights, helping victims of assault and/or abuse, supporting Israel, or that gives funding to underfunded school. However if any of you want to help me pay for college, I would not mind at all.

2. I am giving you guys a gift or two instead today. Below are two videos off of YouTube. The first is from Disney’s 1951 film Alice in Wonderland, with a hearty rendition of “A Merry Un-Birthday”. I chose this because I wanted a video that doesn’t have the regular birthday song, and because I couldn’t find any birthday songs that sounded scary. Besides, even if I don’t care for this particular adaptation, I just love Alice in Wonderland!

The next video is from the people of HISHEdotcom, who are always to take the latest Hollywood blockbuster and tell you How It Should Have Ended. This is one of their latest videos, detailing all the problems of Prometheus and how they think it should have been done. You should really check out their other videos if you like this one, they’ve done stuff to just about every type of movie imaginable.

Hope you enjoy these videos. Have a lovely day. See ya!

  1. Jason Alan says:

    Congrats! I wonder if there is a way to find out when I started mine (I deleted a lot of earlier posts).

  2. Happy Birthday, can’t believe I missed this. And hilarious videos too!

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