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A friend of mine wrote this article about how we shouldn’t worry that we’re going to die Friday as the Mayan calendar winds down. Instead, let’s party because it’s just the solstice. Check out the article, check out the video, and just check out his blog in general.

Stories by Williams

Worlds CollidingIt seems NASA spends untold resources trying to debunk conspiracy theories and doomsday predictions. Sad, when you consider all the wonderful uses this time and energy could be dedicated towards, like putting people on Mars! In any case, and in anticipation for this coming Friday (and Saturday, if all goes well!), I thought I’d share this video NASA released to put people’s minds at ease. The world will NOT end on Dec. 21st, 2012, it claims, and presents the scientific findings that say so.

Set on Dec. 22nd, 2012, the video approaches the apocalypse as if it is something that has already come and gone and proceeds to explain how the myth of the 2012 End of the World scenario began in the first place. In examining the actual Mayan Calendar, the reasons for why the calendar ends when it does, and taking a look at all the stellar and…

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  1. Joel Ungar says:

    If the world is going to end on Friday, I’m done shaving.

  2. belcredi says:

    I am very happy to see that a billion dollar-institution like NASA takes great care of easing our greatest fear. I feel much safer, now that it has convinced me of the fact that I can play with my presents Santa brought me.

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