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A friend of mine who works as a freelance journalist for several prominent newspapers and who’s published two excellent books, one on gun control, recently wrote a few pieces about the ongoing issue of gun control vs. Second Amendment rights in light of the Newtown Massacre. Here she offers one way of tackling this multifaceted problem while also telling women who are afraid to speak up to just go and shout from the rooftops their opinions on the subject. A great read, and I encourage you all to give it your consideration.


It’s been a busy few days!

I did an interview with BBC’s Newsday, one with a German freelancer, and wrote two op-eds on this story, both requested.

For anyone who wonders how I get to speak out publicly like this, it’s a matter of relationships. All four opportunities came to me through long-held relationships with editors or these institutions.

I also, which I really value, am essentially asked to explain this specific example of American exceptionalism to other nations who find Americans’ attachment to gun ownership truly bizarre. If you have never visited the National Rifle Association’s website, you must do so, no matter how repugnant you may find their views. Their appeal is emotional and clearly, to its members, very powerful.

If you have no idea what they are saying to their members — and do not understand how organized and well-funded they are —  it’s more difficult to…

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  1. Thanks much for the reblog! Just to be very clear, my book is not about gun control, although it discusses it of course, but looks at the issue more broadly by including the voices of gun-owners. Until we are willing to listen to the moderates respectfully, dialogue won’t happen.

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