Buckeyethon 2013

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Living and Life, Social Activism
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I got back to my dorm not too long ago. I turn on the TV so that I can be ready for Saturday Night Live when it comes on, and I see the news program announce that at Ohio State University, the annual Buckeyethon just ended. I can’t help but think, I was just there. I helped make all that possible.

Buckeyethon is an annual event at Ohio State. Students work to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Those who earn enough money attend one of two shifts, each lasting twelve hours and featuring, among a ton of very fun things, a 12-hour dance marathon, concerts, school dance crews, games, and more! At the end of the second shift, all of Buckeyethon assembled in the Union–some 2,000+ students–to hear that this year, we raised $608,623.29. We went wild hearing that.

I enjoyed every minute of my being apart of Buckeyethon, from the raising money, to the dancing, to the getting colored in green paint and clothes and partying for the green team, to meeting some of the kids whom Buckeyethon benefited, to…oh you get the idea! It was awesome, and I had a ton of fun. And I made a difference, too. Imagine how many kids that money I helped to raise will help! Perhaps next year we’ll make a million and cure cancer too.

That’s the hope. Here’s a photo of me:

Those suspenders are going to the next bat/bat mitzvah I attend.

Those suspenders are going to the next bat/bat mitzvah I attend.


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