It’s Lonely Sometimes When You’re Into Horror

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Reflections, Scary Stuff
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I’ve been so busy lately, that the ideas for blog posts have been piling up. I wanted to write two or three yesterday, but Shabbat came in before I could, and I had to put any post-writing plans on hold. Now that Shabbat is over and I’ve done some homework and I’ve watched last night’s episode of Grimm, so I’m good to start writing a few posts. And to start with, I’d like to bring up a topic that’s been on my mind for the past couple of days:

I’m one of the few horror fans I know. In fact, I only know one other fan of scary movies on campus, but his schedule is so different from mine that we can’t always just sit down and talk to each other about horror movies and the qualities of originals versus remakes…or in fact, talk about anything. In fact, I only found out about his love for horror films tonight! How whack is that?!

Thing is, I feel a little lonely sometimes. I can’t help but feel a little down when I see people debating the Game of Thrones‘ books versus the TV show or see Trekkies go crazy over the new movie coming out. But are there a ton of people going crazy over Stephen King adaptations coming out soon? Um…me and quite possibly my mother, I know that much. Anyone getting nuts for the third season of AHS, American Horror Story: Coven? Me and…the sister who lives on the other end of campus and whom I only see on vacations or at family or holiday events. You see how sad this is?

The thing is, I want to have conversations that are like comic book fans debating how to beat the Hulk if you don’t have superpowers or debates about whether Kirk or Picard is the better captain, only in more of the vein of horror. But there’s not a lot of people who are into that sort of stuff, at least not on my blog. The posts I do write that are devoted to horror subjects don’t always get a lot of reads or likes and rarely any comments, so I don’t always write them. And it…it makes me wish more fans of horror were on my blog.

I’m not complaining or anything about the conversations  I’ve had up to this point or the friends I’ve made not being fans of scary stuff. But I do wish that I could find some more people interested in the horror scene, who go crazy for the same things I’m into or at least show some enthusiasm for those things.

Well, it’s the Internet age. I may just not be looking hard enough. Does anyone know any Facebook groups? I’m on that now, so I better get to work searching. And I’d like to say, if you ever want to discuss horror subjects, I’m always game. I love to talk about horror. So much that I scare normal people.

Okay, I’m going to stop ranting now. I just want to say, I’m going to start writing more horror posts from now on. I’m sorry if that scares you. But I must say, I want to talk about horror more often, so that’s what I’m going to do. Hope you’re okay with that. Maybe I’ll meet a few people who go crazy for ghosts and slashers like I do.

One can only hope.

  1. Pat Bertram says:

    I would have thought horror would be a prominent topic, but then maybe Stephen King is not for college students anymore? I can’t imagine the boredom of talking about Kirk and Picard, Games of Thrones, or any comic book hero. On the other hand, most horror movies are way too over-the-top horrible, focusing more on gore and startles than real horror. One of the few good horror movies was The Green Mile because it showed the horror of life, not of made-up monsters. Some of Dean Koontz’s books show real horror, too, especially the ones starring Christopher Snow, but maybe they are not enough horror for you?

    One place to look for horror story discussions is on There are a lot on that site.

    • Most of the college students I know prefer comedy or drama apparently, and they prefer it on TV rather than in a book.
      I’ve never been on Goodreads, so I will have to check it out now. And you’re right about horror being too startle-and-gore-oriented these days. In fact I talked about this a few posts ago, “The Importance of Build-up & Mystery,” and how those were important elements of some old scary movies, but they hardly appear in today’s horror films.

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