Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws Are Madness. Why Keep Them?

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Politics and Leadership, Social Activism
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It’s sometimes difficult for me to find a subject that gets me incensed enough that I write a post about it. Usually it’s related to women’s rights or gun control. Today, it’s a combination of gun control and wondering how stupid our leaders can get!

He got away with murder, and I don’t know why.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. I find that hard to believe, seeing as Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, saw Martin walking home at night in a neighborhood he lived in, thought that because he was black and in a hoodie he was suspicious, called the police who told him not to follow Martin, followed him anyway, got into an altercation with Martin, and then shot him. In addition, Zimmerman has had prior brushes with the law, including assaulting an ex-girlfriend and a police officer!

And yet because of Stand Your Ground laws and doubts on Martin’s role in the tragedy, Zimmerman gets off scot-free and gets his gun back, despite everything that’s happened! If you ask me, George Zimmerman not only got away with murder, he showed how dangerous Stand Your Ground laws are. These laws say that I’m allowed to use a firearm within the state, and if I claim self-defense, I can’t be punished for it. And that’s even if I go into a bar with a loaded gun and deliberately pick a fight. It’s a law that allows you to get away with murder.

I’m sorry, but aren’t we supposed to stop murderers, not help them?

And not only is the law nonsensical, it’s not applied equally. Right around the same time of the Zimmerman verdict, a woman of African American heritage was convicted. Why? She had fired a shotgun at the ceiling of her home in order to defend herself against her violent boyfriend. Under Florida’s laws, you think she would be protected and her boyfriend prosecuted for assault. You’d be wrong. Despite the defense’s use of Stand Your Ground, she got convicted and sent away for 20 years.

So a murderer get’s away with murder and get’s his gun back after killing a black teenager, but a black woman who didn’t kill anybody and was actually defending herself gets 20 years? What the heck is going on down there?

Looks about right, doesn’t it?

And despite how ineffective, unequally applied, and dangerous these laws are, Governor Rick Scott says he won’t call in a special session of the Florida legislature to review Stand Your Ground laws. Instead, he asks protestors to “talk to your legislators” and is calling for a day of prayer on Sunday.

Prayer? That’s your solution? You’re going to pray for a solution to just magically pop into your lap, Governor Scott? Why not take some action and act like a leader? Or would your NRA backers be cranky if you did that?

Honestly, I don’t blame Stevie Wonder for wanting to boycott the state. I’ll boycott it too while these crazy laws are in effect. And I hope the protestors down in Florida who want Stand Your Ground laws repealed and are the ones who are really taking action are able to enact some sort of change. Because honestly, how many more people are we going to let die for the sake of people who fear their profits will be slashed or that an all-powerful dictatorship will emerge by putting a few comon-sense restrictions on the Second Amendment?

I’ll try and write some more later. I’ve got some anger to vent over the situation in Texas, and boy, will I enjoy writing that!

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    For self defense you idiot. Tray V came running at Zimmermacn attacked him and slamed his head into the sidewalk. How long before he could defend himself? You need to get your facts straight.

    • Please don’t call me an idiot. I don’t go on your blog and call you names.
      And the exact nature of the events that happened during the fight aren’t exactly set in stone. We can’t assume that either version of events are correct.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        yes the facts in evidence is set in stone because,there was the coronors report. There was the medical report on George Zimmerman and photos taken that show Zimmerman was being attacked. Not one shred of evidence to prove that Zimmerman was racist in any way. People just want to stir the racial pot. What do you want? More killings?

      • there were photos of George Zimmerman AFTER the attack, not being attacked. There’s a difference. And no, I don’t want more killings. I’m offended you would say such a thing.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Of course they were taken after the attack. He didn’t have these injuries before hand. There were witness to George being attacked. I do think there was anyone to snap pictures while the beating was going on. Your post said the stand your ground law are madness. George did not use the stand your ground law. Pay attention…he refused to use that defense. He was charged with second degree murder which was unfounded.

      • Obviously you do not understand the meaning of “good day”. And for the record, those witnesses heard a gunshot, then called 911. Most never saw anything.
        Good day to you sir!

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        There was a witness to it and if you had watched the trial you would have known that. The witness was looking out the window when he was calling 911 after he heard screams for help and saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman raining down blows MMA style. If you don’t want to hear from me again, then shut up.

      • I won’t shut up, but I won’t answer you again.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        thank you

    • Don’t quote facts when you don’t even know the basic ones yourself. You’re believing what you’re told, not what what in fact happened. And please don’t troll either, it’s stupid and without class.

      • Thank you, Matt Williams. As always, I appreciate your support and your fair-mindedness, and your disapproval of “trolling”, which is a term I only learned in this context this past week.

      • Really? Expect it to come in handy when dealing with people who seem to think the true purpose of the internet to blast others with their thoughts, regardless of how inane, stupid or abusive.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        I have the facts. I followed the trail and saw the EVIDENCE. They evidence is set in stone or else it would not have been in the court room. Please correct me if I’m wrong and state your FACTS not what you heard on T.V. The president made this all about race. Him and Holder.The people that spread erroneous statement are stupid and with out class. Please show me where I’m wrong. Try looking up some facts about the F.B.I stats on crime in these country and you will see that black on whited crime is double for white on black crime. And if you Do look it up, see if there is not a missing race to it. Hispanic. They lumped in the Hispanics with the whites. Don’t tell me there is no Hispanics people and if this statement is correct, then Obama is a white African. Get you facts straight before you won’t to call me names. If you live in Florida and own a guns, then please turn it in. Or if you live anywhere with a gun,turn it in. And if you don’t have a gun, then you have no dog in this race.

      • The facts presented at the trial were built to support a particular narrative. In the end, we may never know what truly transpired, because we’re seeing it through a lens.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        are you saying the narrative was to paint Martin as innocent??? Look up that F.B.I. stat while you are at it. Tell me what was injust about the evidence. The defense atty. was even allowed to bring to bear the content of Martins character and that’s one thing MLK stood for the content of your character not by the color of your skin.

      • I’m saying both attorney’s narratives were to make their respective cases look stronger. Point is, not everything in the court trial is as true and false as a trial in a TV show.
        And as for statistics, they don’t apply in every situation, especially ones in cases as convoluted as this one.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        I don’t go by what was on T.V. to listen to this evidence. It seems like you are getting your evidence from the T.V. Then you say the F.B.I. stats are not reliable? It is the FACTS of this United States. The case was not convoluted. The opinions are convoluted and go against our American system of justice. The man was found innocent and people like you just want to continue to stir the racial pot.

      • You people? Excuse me? Just what sort of people am I? It’s divisive behavior like that that’s the true problem.
        And as for your facts, here’s one: Zimmerman profiled a young black man in a hoodie, disobeyed police orders, and followed the kid with a loaded gun. What does that say?
        Good day to you, sir!

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        You people are the ones that are pulling non existing evidence out of you ass. Zimmerman did NOT profile the “poor innocent black youth.” Zimmerman was a lincensed gun owner. What are you. He used self dense plain and simple. And if you got our head out of your ass and looked at the REAL evidence you might change your mind. I bet you never looked at the F.B.I. crime stat and yes, it is prevalent.

      • “Our head”? I don’t remember sharing shoulders with you, sir.

    • He wants to stir the racial pot? You’re the one citing race-related violence here as a justification for Zimmerman’s acts. How’s that any different from saying “black people statistically cause more crime”, as if that justifies Zimmerman targeting Martin in the first place.

      And more importantly, the FBI stats you mention don’t differentiate between homicides and race-killings. A murder committed during a robbery or car jacking – which is what most black on white killings were – is not the same as a lynching or tying a person up and dragging them behind your car, which accounts for the majority of white on black murders. Try reading the fine prints in your stats before you use them.

      As for facts about the case, which you keep claiming to know but keep failing to cite, here’s what you neglected to mention:
      -Zimmerman had a criminal record which included domestic violence and resisting arrest. Trayvon’s criminal record included suspension from school for marijuana possession and suspected burglary, but no history of violence.
      -Zimmerman’s defense repeatedly tried paint him as a dangerous offender while suppressing ZImmerman’s own history of violence. The court supressed both records for fear of prejudice, but Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly and numerous right-wing bloggers circulate Martin’s history and claim there’s bias while ignoring Zimmerman’s.
      -The incident began when ZImmerman spotted Martin and began following him in his car. He then got out, began accosting Martin, and then a fight ensued. Martin was unarmed, whereas ZImmerman had a gun. The “stand your ground” clause was ridiculous since Zimmerman precipitated the incident.
      -Zimmerman called in seeing Martin to 911 as a “suspicious person” and was told not to approach him. He disregarded this and approached Martin. After an altercation, he shot him and failed to report it.
      -Zimmerman’s medical records indicated he received treatment for a nose wound and scars on the back of his head. He indicated he shot Martin in self-defense after the police found him, but had no proof to back to it up. Since Martin was dead, the police could not disprove his allegations.
      -The Justice Department intervened on the grounds that there was reason to question Zimmerman’s versions of events, which included the 911 call where he disregarded advice, the fact that his proposed assailant was unarmed, and the fact that the whole thing smacked of racial profiling.
      -Florida’s “stand your ground” law makes homicide justified if self-defense is at stake. Zimmerman was acquitted because his story was the only one available since Martin was dead and the only other evidence was the 911 call where someone was yelling “help” in the background and both Martin and Zimmerman’s mother claimed it was there son.

      Those are the facts and they contradict you numerous times. As for being “without class”, you’re the one who keeps coming back to troll this page. How about you stop selectively citing cases like these to hypocritically blame black people for all the racial tensions in America and start becoming part of the solution?

      • Matt, sometimes I aspire to you and your level of dedication and research. Way to go.

      • Why thank you. Fyi, can you delete the duplicate comment at the very bottom? It went to the wrong spot, don’t want Mrs. Crankypants to miss what I had to say to her. Oh yeah, its a woman apparently. I didn’t think so either!

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Oh look up your precious little Trayvon own words on his facebook page. Matin’s own father couldn’t tell the police that was his son’s voice. Did you see the parade of witness saying that it Was Zimmerman. A 911 dispatcher is NOT a law enforcement person. All that is required to dispatch is to be able to type 35 wmp. He was not following him, but just walked closer to give the dispatcher a better description. The dispatcher asked for a race description and Zimmerman said black. Martin had no right to get on Zimmerman and he got just what he deserved. Zimmerman did Not use the stand your ground defense. His defense was plain and simple self defense. Your the one coming up with false statements about what happened at the trial. How did it smack of racism? Do you think that any body that is black is automatically innocent because they are black? You come off as race baiting and you do not Have you facts straight. Zimmerman was treated for a nose wound. He was treated for a broken nose, two black eyes and cuts to the back of his head where Martin was trying to bash his head in or are you trying to say the Zimmerman bashed his own head??? The state of racism is shown pretty well that blacks attack white on the F.B.I. report. So it shows that black do a lot of the crimes in this nation as a race. He had proff of self defense that was why he was not arrested. Just show me One piece of evidence that was against Zimmerman except from Trayvon’s star witness that couldn’t read of speak English. She spoke ebonics.

      • Once again, you’re cherry picking based on your own bias. You’re pitching Zimmerman’s actions in entirely benign terms and trying to villify Martin. Zimmerman called the sighting in, then proceeded to follow him on foot despite being told not to. Who cared if it was a dispatcher or a officer, the warning still came from a real law enforcement official and he ignored it. And then he began recording Martin with his phone and it showed him verbally harassing him. This isn’t “following” to you, or profiling? As for what Martin “deserved”, he didn’t have a right to defend himself from a man who was accosting him without reason? His injuries confirmed only that there was a fight, not that he was the innocent victim of an attack. And if what Zimmerman did was so innocent, why didn’t he report it?

        I’ve already presented all of this evidence that demonstrates that this began as a result of Zimmerman’s own racial profiling, a man who had a history of violence. The only evidence exonerating Zimmerman was his own story, which was questionable at best. And since we’re talking about assumptions, why do you automatically assume Martin was guilty? You do it for obvious reasons, you have a racial bias and you try to blame it on others. And I’ve proven my case with facts, you’re splitting hairs with your “it wasn’t a nose wound, it was a broken nose”.

        Oh, and mentioning ebonics? Nice way to prove you’re not a bigot yourself. Real classy! And once again blindly quoting FBI stats that you’re not bothering to examine in detail. Why don’t you just admit that you see to eye to eye with Zimmerman and his family? You fear and dislike black people and resent anyone who would point out the state of race relations in America. But its because of individuals like yourself that no progress is being made. Get your own hypocrisy and stop trolling my friends page!

      • Thank you. Do you even know this woman? Do trolls have no shame or dignity?

      • Never met her. Not even sure how she found my blog. I’m going to guess a web search. And I tend to avoid trolls, so I have no idea what’s in their minds. Can’t be anything good though.

  2. I see troll lady gave up. Good thing too, she was weird!

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