This Friday evening, I’ll be attending Buckeyethon at Ohio State. For those of you who don’t know, Buckeyethon is a charity event where students raise money for juvenile cancer research. Students who meet the minimum requirement of $100 are able to attend a 12-hour dance marathon. While the dance marathon is a lot of fun (though it plays hell on your lower back and on your sleep), I’m not going because of it. No, I’m going because I love the idea that I’m helping kids fight a dangerous disease and that I’m helping researchers discover the cure for one of the worst diseases out there.

However, I’m not satisfied with how much I’ve raised, as illustrated by¬†this conversation from earlier today when I checked in at the Ohio Union to receive this year’s custom T-shirt and make sure I knew the details for Friday night:

Person at registration desk: “Do you know how much you raised?”
Me: “I raised $163.”
Person at registration desk: “That’s great.”
Me: “I was aiming for $2000.”
Person at registration desk: “Oh.”

So I’m making one last appeal. Before Friday, if anyone feels like donating even a few cents, please do. I am providing a link here for donations. Please know it is for a legitimate cause and that every dollar benefits research to end childhood cancer. Thank you and let me tell you, I appreciate your help. Have a lovely evening.

By the way, I don’t expect to get two-thousand dollars. But I’d be very grateful if I could get a few more dollars than what I currently have. Thanks again.

  1. Damn! Not sure how I could pledge money from my spot here. My PayPal is empty and I don’t really have a wire transfer option in place.

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