The Video Rage Blog Book Tour!

Posted: May 1, 2016 in Novel, Progress Report, Writing
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Well, it’s May 1st, which means we’re one month away from the release of Video Rage, the sequel to the enormously popular Reborn City! With that in mind, I wanted to do something I’ve never done with a book or on this blog before: a blog book tour!

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a blog book tour, it’s like an actual book tour, but instead of visiting bookstores I’ll be visiting blogs, doing interviews, or guest blog posts, or giving bloggers a chance to read either RC or VR and give reviews.

With that in mind, I wanted to ask if any of you, my Followers of Fear, wanted to help me out with this. I’m already eyeing a number of websites that do interviews and book promos and whatnot, but I was wondering if any of you would like to pitch in. I’m trying to get as many people in reading both RC and VR as possible, so the more the merrier (as long as it’s not too many. Otherwise I might rip my hair out).

So if you’re interested, please leave a comment below. I’ll be making up a schedule soon, so get excited! I know I certainly am already.

  1. That’s such a great idea, Rami! I hope the blog tour works well and gets some attention to your work. I wish I could chip in as well, but May is super busy for me and if I take on one more responsibility I am going to burst :/ I will read VR one day though and then write about it 😀
    Do you know the blog Sci-Fi and Scary? Maybe Lilyn would be interested? (here’s a link just in case:

  2. I always have a spot for you on my blog! 😀

  3. What topics would you like to cover in the blog tour? I can’t think of any science fiction or horror readers who visit it, though. Would you be willing to talk about something writing related? Maybe something to help new writers. I seem to get mostly new writers who are looking for help on storytelling craft.

    • I’d be down for that. There is probably something I would like to talk about. Perhaps world-building, or planning a series. Something like that.

      • Either of those would be awesome. I’m not very good at world-building, and I’ve never mentioned doing a series. So either one would be something new on the blog. Let me know when you want to do the post, and I’ll reserve the day for you.

      • Alright, I’ll let you know when I’ve got something for you. I’ve got to take care of a few things first, but by then I should be able to write out something between a thousand and twelve-hundred words or less.

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