The Face of Horror Contest: Onto the Nightmare Round!!!

Posted: September 29, 2022 in Progress Report, Scary Stuff
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Well, we did it, my Followers of Fear. Somehow, by the skin of my teeth, I’ve made it through the Conjure Round and into the fifth round of the Face of Horror contest, the Nightmare Round!

If you’re just joining us, let me do a quick recap: I’m participating in a contest called the Face of Horror. The winner of this contest will get a small walk-on role in an indie horror movie and a photo spread with Kane freaking Hodder in Rue Morgue magazine, among other things. To get through each round, competitors must get a certain number of votes and stay ranked in their competition groups. For the Conjure Round, I had to be in the Top 10 out of 15.

This past week, my score varied from 6th to 13th, but settled today on 10th in the lineup, allowing me to get into the Nightmare Round.

Now, this is where things could get really dicey for me. For this round, I need to be in the Top 5 to survive, and for that, I need you to continue voting. You can cast a free daily vote, or buy votes (portion of proceeds go to fund pediatric cancer research), through October 6th. If I’m in the Top 5, I get to stay on for the Sacrificial Round. If not…well, I had fun and got plenty of prizes along the way, so I’m not complaining too much.

In any case, I have faith in you, my Followers of Fear. You kept me going far longer than I thought possible, so if you continue to help me, I think I have a good chance of getting into the Top 5. So from now until October 6th, keep casting your votes and helping me along so that I might become the Face of Horror!

Until next time, my Followers of Fear, good night, pleasant nightmares, and 32 days till Halloween! Better keep the hellhounds at bay.

The Face of Horror — Rami Ungar

  1. Woohoo, congratulations, Rami! I’m rooting for you (and voting)!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy! I was like, “noooo” when I voted and saw you were at 11. Phew! I really hope you win!!!

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