Getting Reacquainted with the King

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Living and Life
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I recently ran out of things to read. I had free time, so I took the bus down to the library and went on a search for books I wanted to read. Unfortunately, there were no copies of the books immediately on list, so I decided to pick up some good old Stephen King.

I first discovered the current King of Horror when I was 12 or 13 when I read It and I found myself hooked. For the next couple of years, I read a huge amount of King’s work. Unfortunately, around age 16 or 17 I started to grow tired of the King, and I stopped reading him. As sad as it is to admit, I got sick of Stephen King, and rarely picked him up unless to read one of his new books (Duma Key or Under the Dome) or read an old favorite (The Stand or It). But this trip to the library was the perfect opportunity to get friendly with His Scary Highness again.

So I picked up Carrie (read once before and needed to read again before the remake comes out in October), Misery (seen the movie, never read the book) and Cujo (never read, have to since they’re talking about remaking the movie), plus two other authors I’d heard or read good things about and I started to read. As I read Carrie, I felt all the old love come back. By the time I’d finished, I was back on loving Stephen King.

I’m looking forward to meeting this dog.

I’m now in the middle of Misery, and although I’m not that easily scared, it’s proving a good read. I also can’t wait to read Cujo, but I think afterwards I’ll take a break from the King. After all, I don’t want to get sick of him again! That would be horrible.

Have you ever gotten sick of a certain author and then rediscovered your love of them? Which author?

  1. sabcooke says:

    I’m yet to get into King. I don’t know what it is, but I always reach a point in his books where the slow pace just gets too much and I can’t bare to read another page. I’ve been informed by my dad that they pick up towards the latter half and race towards the end, I just don’t have the patience sometimes!

    My favourite author, one with a rapid pace from start to end, is Dean Koontz. However, I can’t read two of his books in quick succession. To be honest, I tend to need two or three books between each read of his! And considering my reading only happens in flashes, I’ve only managed to read four of his books.

    I think it’s easy to lose interest with an author if you read them to frequently, unless it’s a series. In a series you get absorbed by the world and characters. But to be thrown into three different worlds in quick succession by the same man, that’s hard to stick with.

    • I like Dean Koontz, but sometimes I have trouble with the way he writes (sometimes he sounds a bit amateur-ish and his plots get a little zany). Getting into a series is easy, but yeah, it’s hard to read too many books by the same person and keep interest.
      How do you feel about Anne Rice?

      • Seán Cooke says:

        You see, my style is quite similar to his, which is where I think the real appeal comes from. A lot of my writing tends to take a sudden ‘out there’ turn. I agree with you on his writing, but I find that’s the charm. It adds to the quick pace of his books, refraining from flowery language and techniques so you can just tear through it. 😀

        I’m yet to try anything of hers. I’m living with my parents at the moment so I’m limited to my dad’s book collection, which is limited to King and Koontz, mostly…

      • Well if you get the chance, you should really try Anne Rice. I recommend any of her vampire novels, Servant of the Bones, or the Wolf Gift. All are pretty good.
        Oh, and her Angel Time series.

  2. Man, that guy has a creepy stare! But what a vividly creative and macabre mind!

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