Rami Ungar The Writer’s New Theme

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Living and Life

Notice anything different? Yes, I got a new theme for my blog background. It’s called Elegant Grunge, which sounds like a heavy metal star having a tea party but it still sounds pretty cool, and doesn’t look half-bad either.

I had the previous theme since I started Rami Ungar the Writer. I thought that the black background and the orange font for the title was super-spooky and that was what I was going for at the time. Apparently though, for a number of readers it makes reading my blog difficult. So after a little bit of thought, I went looking for a new theme, one that’s easier on the eyes. The result is Elegant Grunge, which is easier on the eyes, though not as creepy as I’d like it.

What are your thoughts on the new background?

  1. Ashana M says:

    I like it. It isn’t, probably, what you’re going for. I find it rather soothing, in fact. But you know what I always liked about Steven King was his sense of humor. I read him as a teenager because he was funny–not because he scared me. But I probably didn’t scare too easy.

    • Stephen King does have his funny moments. And I’m glad you like the background and that you find it soothing. Hopefully it’ll make the blog itself more enticing to readers.
      Thanks for commenting and for following.

  2. Huh, thought something looked starkly different the moment I showed up here. It looks good!

  3. Mati Serrano says:

    This looks good. Nice choice.

  4. Did you change something? The blog looks different.

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