Laura Horn: The Outline Is Done!

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Novel, Progress Report, Writing
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Dye this angel’s hair brown and she could be Laura.

Oh, I’ve had a good day. I got up on time for once this week, I had a good breakfast, went for a jog, started on the new Dan Brown novel, had lunch with my stepmother, and…oh yeah. I FINISHED THE OUTLINE FOR LAURA HORN! Twelve pages, eight-and-a-half of them devoted to the plot, the other three-and-a-half devoted to character summaries. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!

To tell you the truth, I think it’s kind of ballsy to write this sort of novel. Not only is this novel’s heroine a victim of sexual assault, but it’s plot revolves around a…well, a plot. Against the President of the United States. And I have said victim trying to save the nation while the people behind said-plot are after her. And through all this she confronts her past and takes the first steps to moving on. I also make references to the NSA scandal and PRISM. Plus I write my first actual rape scene (not looking forward to that).

All that, and there’s an interracial cast of characters that would make the KKK run out of the movie version screaming like a bunch of banshees (makes sense given their wardrobes) and enough characters that slightly resemble actual political figures that if I ever get any devoted fans (perhaps I already have them but I just don’t know it? Like my grandmother?), they’re going to be wondering which characters are based on which politicians.

For the record, no one’s directly based on anyone. The President character is not a Hispanic version of Barack Obama, he is not based on Marco Rubio, and I didn’t even hear of the senator with the same last name as my guy until this evening, when I watched The Colbert Report! But yes, this is going to be a ballsy novel to write. I’ll have to do some more research as I write it, and it’ll be difficult to write at times.

But like I said, I love this novel. It’s going to be 67 chapters long (I guessed 61-67 chapters, so I’m glad I was right), and I love the twists and events that happen. At some point I stopped writing and was like, My God. I feel like I’m writing a James Bond movie with a teenage girl as Bond. That’s a huge stretch, but it’s what I felt like at that moment. There are plenty of crazy things that happen in the story, including a chase across the Georgetown University campus, a gunfight in the Blair House, and a trip down the shaft of an elevator, just to name a few.

To quote somebody from my generation, it’ll get cray-cray. But still, I love it, I’m looking forward to writing it, and the fact that it’s 30 chapters longer than Video Rage means I’ll finish Video Rage long before I finish Laura Horn. I’m either very good at guessing how long my books or going to be, or I’m a psychic. God, I hope it’s the latter.

Good night everybody.

  1. karmicangel says:

    Two Things:
    1. I just started the new Dan Brown too, so our parallel lives continue in parallel.
    2. I love how excited you are about this new story! Makes me excited to read it [grins]

    • Well if you do a good job with Snake, I might ask you if you want to read and critique Laura Horn as well. Also, it’s weird how much our lives parallel. Are you also a Doctor Who fan, by any chance? And if so, who’s your favorite Doctor? I like the 9th, personally.

      • karmicangel says:

        Of course 9 is my fav! I stopped watching actually when 9 was replaced. I should pick it up again.

      • You have very good taste, Angela. And I totally recommend picking up the show again. Although 9 was only around 1 season, 10 is pretty good and the series gets even better as time goes on.
        Though I have to admit, once 11 comes along it feels almost like a different TV show. New actor, new TARDIS interior, new sonic screwdriver design, new companions and all that.
        What else do we have in common? Oh, what was your first Stephen King novel and which is your favorite?

      • karmicangel says:

        Hmm. My first Stephen King was probably Christine, and my favourite is a cheat because it’s the Dark Tower series (which is a series, not just one book; therefore the cheat). Riddle me this: do you read the Star Wars books? I just read the Fate of the Jedi series – it was really good.

      • No, I have not read anything from the Expanded Universe in years, though I’m still a huge fan of the movies. And for the record, my first book was IT, and my favorite is probably The Stand.

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