People Like Interactive Authors

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Reflections, Writing
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I was reading a blog post about whether or not it’s essential for an author to have a blog (you can read that here), and the post gave me something to think about. It occurred to me that people like interacting with authors in the digital age. In the age of Twitter, Facebook, and all sorts of social networking facilitated by the Internet, an author has the chance to truly interact with their readers, and those that do can have huge reactions from fans.

As I’ve mentioned before, author Anne Rice is very active on her Facebook page, and every time she posts something, especially an opinion piece or a review of one of her books. And I’ve read the blogs of authors here on WordPress with huge followings. Sometimes I’ll log onto their blogs for the latest post only to find that nearly 250 people have liked the post before me, and at least 20 have left encouraging comments, with the author giving just as many replies. I’m pretty sure that garners loyalty from people and keeps them coming.

For the readers, interacting with their favorite authors makes them feel good. They like talking to the people who create the worlds they love diving into, and to actually send a message or have a discussion or just to get these great writers’ thoughts as they have them makes them feel like they know the author. And for the author, it’s a potential boost to their readership and to their sales. Many authors start blogging just to get  their work to a wider audience, and occasionally it works. So while the blogging and FBing and tweeting can be exhausting, it pays off if an author can get some more readers.

Of course, not all authors do the blogging thing just for readership, even though it may start that way. In fact, I’ve actually come to enjoy blogging, though I started just because I wanted more people than my friends and family to read my work. I like hearing what people have to say when I share my thoughts on writing, review the latest film, or update them on the latest developments for a novel. In addition, I’ve made some valuable friendships with other bloggers and authors, some of whom have been kind enough to help me with my work and whom I try to help when I can. To say that blogging has become important to me has become an understatement.

But to the original point of this post, there’s a mutual benefit to fans interacting with authors. Both parties get something from the relationship, even if it is basically over a computer 99% of the time. I certainly enjoy interacting with the authors I like, and I enjoy interacting with others as an author. To say that it’s enriched me as a writer and as a person would be an understatement.

Do you like interacting with your favorite authors? And if you write, do you like to interact with those who read your work?


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