Laura Horn: Part One Is Done

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Novel, Progress Report, Writing
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Oh, I had a productive day today. I got a ton of homework done, edited The Quiet Game after being told there were some glaring errors in the book (sorry! If you buy/download it now, there will be less errors than before), I did my weekly exercises (see last post), I came up with an idea for a short story and a book series, and–oh yeah, I finished Part One of Laura Horn, one of the two novels I’m working on right now.

I called this part of the story “That Girl’s A Mouse”, based on what one of the girls at Laura’s school describes Laura. As we read the chapter, we find out some of the reasons Laura’s like that, though some things are still in mystery. I rather enjoy writing Laura’s story, but I sometimes have trouble getting into her head. In some ways she’s still a mystery, even to me, which makes her all the more fun and intriguing to write about.

Now for pages and word counts. The prologue, which is about ten pages and two-thousand, three-hundred sixty-four words, is about three chapters long. The first part spans from chapter four to eleven and is forty-five pages and twelve-thousand, one-hundred and eighty-nine words. This brings it a total fifty-five pages and fourteen-thousand, five-hundred and fifty-three words.  With fifty-six chapters left, it’ll probably get much longer. I’m guessing somewhere around 350 pages and maybe seventy-thousand pages. It’ll be awesome when it’s done.

Tomorrow I plan to do my biology and sociology homework, then I’ll hopefully edit chapters ten and eleven of Video Rage. I’m not entirely satisfied with those chapters, so I can’t start chapter twelve until I at least give those two a look-over and see if there’s some way to fix them up a little.

Until then, have a good night everybody.

  1. Well well well! Multiple projects, all coming along? When do you find the time to study?

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