Review: Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Review
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Just to clarify, this is her turn as host (and musical guest) on the show’s thirty-ninth season.

Based on last week’s episode with Tina Fey, I was afraid that this week’s show would be absolutely terrible. Well apparently they read my review, because they really stepped it up this week! I’m not kidding, they made me forget that they started twenty-seven minutes late due to college football games and gave one of the best shows in a while!

First off, Miley was great. I think she may have actually learned her lesson from the VMAs…especially since they made fun of it throughout the cold open and the monologue. Every skit she just made me laugh so hard I could not help but enjoy myself. The other actors were great as well. Cecily Strong is really coming into her role as a new anchor on Weekend Update, with the right zingers and the perfect smile. Jay Pharaoh is great in any impersonation, making me wonder if it’s him or the actual person he’s doing an impression of. One of these days he shoud do an impression of Dr. Seuss. That would be crazy. And Vanessa Bayer is always hilarious, even when her poetry teacher sounds like her Miley impersonation (and you know she does that in the show). I wonder how she felt about Miley trying to eat her hair?

The sketches were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Each one was different and funny and original all at the same time. Even when I thought a sketch would be dumb, it actually was pretty awesome. I loved the auditions for the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation and that parody music video on the Republican Party (that should be a single on iTunes). The cheerleading sketch was so goofy but plenty of sci-fi fun, and the poetry sketch was a laughter fest. But probably the best (and most original and quirky sketch) was with featured player Kyle Mooney and Miley trying to have sex in his office. Laugh out loud hysterical.

Great job this weekend, writers of SNL. You really pulled through with some really great sketches. However, I must tell you that Piers Morgan would be totally awesome if he was actually a village idiot from Ohio. After all, our state university’s football team is 18-0 these past two years, and the village idiots often become the breakthrough engineers and doctors of our generations. The only exception is John Boehner, who is still apparently the village idiot.

I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan, so I can’t really comment on her music, but I thought she did very well and that her clothes were tasteful. Definite good points in my book.

For all that I’ve listed above, I give Miley Cyrus’s second turn on SNL a 4.8 out of 5. You go girl! Hope to see more performances like this in the future (and I’m talking to both Miley and the writers/cast of SNL right now. The former, I want you to stop before you go full breakdown and become a real icon and legend that didn’t peak a few years after leaving Disney. To the latter, I hope you continue to write good sketches and keep the show going for at least two more years).

I won’t be doing another SNL review until Lady Gaga’s as yet unscheduled turn as host and musical guest on the show. I will however do a couple of reviews next week with American Horror Story: Coven and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. They both sound interesting, so I’ll review them.

Until then, good night everybody!


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