Review: The Day of the Doctor (aka The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special)

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Review
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This was the best way to spend this Saturday.

What can I say about this special? No seriously, what can I say? It was awesome! Amazing! Crazy fun! Mind-blowing! Revealing! Extraordinary! Fantastic! That last one was the Ninth Doctor’s catchphrase.

Now what can I say about the special without giving away any spoilers? As River Song would remind us, we don’t want any spoilers we couldn’t handle. Well, here’s what I can tell you: the Doctor meets up with Impossible Girl Clara for a new slew of fun and adventures…only for UNIT to come by and haul the TARDIS off to the National Gallery (I think that’s what it was, because I don’t know my English landmarks). Something weird is going on at the museum involving the paintings. What happens next is an epic battle between Zygons, Daleks, Time Lords, and everything in between, all culminating in the Eleventh, Tenth, and the new War Doctor coming together for one great purpose.

Not saying another word on that.

Just be aware that the whole cast was awesome, the story was fun and exciting and had be on the edge of my seat for the whole two hours. You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, and you’ll cry out with excitement with every twist and turn. If you haven’t seen the special, you should go out and see it now. Trust me, your whole Whovian self will be rocked, and your understanding of Doctor Who will forever be changed!

Also, make sure to stick around after the credits. You’ll see a preview of what’s to come for the Christmas special, where Matt Smith turns into Peter Capaldi…and much, much more will occur. Spoilers!

I’m giving The Day of the Doctor a 5 out of 5. Thanks so much for a very fun afternoon…even if at the viewing event I didn’t win the sonic screwdriver in the raffle. Oh well. I got two T-shirts (one from a trivia contest) and I can probably get the sonic through Amazon.

All for now. I’ll write another post later. Allons-y!


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