BuckeyeThon 2015: Within Striking Distance

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Living and Life, Social Activism
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As I mentioned last month, I’m raising money for BuckeyeThon again. If you’re unfamiliar with BuckeyeThon, it’s a fundraiser done through Ohio State every year and that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network, funding cancer research, especially cancer affecting children. This year, the university is poised to raise a million dollars or more, and I’m trying to raise as much as I can. And not just because making my minimum fundraising goal gets me access to a 12-hour dance marathon. Actually, I’m in it for the kids: every year they bring some of the kids whom we’re helping to the dance and they are just the most fun and sweetest and you really see the effect we students are having on them.

Right now I’m very close to making my minimum goal of $250. Already one or two of you guys have donated on my page. But I still need your help. I know a lot of people would be hesitant to give any money to someone only known to them through a webpage (and maybe a couple of books). But if you feel comfortable donating, any amount of money would be appreciated.

If you feel like donating, you can follow this link to my page (by the way, Ephraim Ungar is my legal name, if you’re wondering why it doesn’t list Rami Ungar). Once again, I and so many people thank you for your consideration and your generosity. You have no idea how much we appreciate it.

All for now, I’m going to get another blog post out tonight if I can, so keep an eye out for it. But if I can’t, good night, my Followers of Fear. Hope you’re having a pleasant weekend. I know I am.

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