Self-Pub Authors: Writing a Series

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Journalism, Writing
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My first article of the new year from Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors. This one is Writing a Series, which is a pretty self-explanatory title. A lot of authors write series or want to write series, so I thought an article with some tips might be helpful. A good way to start off the new year too by helping others as well, if you ask me.

If you get a chance, please check out the article. It’s got some good points and if you have any tips for writing a series, we would love to hear them. In fact, I’m hoping a lot of people will comment with their own tips. Maybe I could put together a “Readers’ Tips” article or something.

And if you get the chance, please check out the rest of the blog. Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors is from authors, written by authors, and for authors. Whether you’re indie or traditional, fiction or non-fiction, published a hundred times or just starting out, there are plenty of helpful articles on this site to help you with your career.

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend and Shabbat Shalom, my Followers of Fear.

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