Posted: January 15, 2016 in Writing
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It’s Friday again, so you know what that means. It’s #FirstLineFriday! The weekly ritual I’ve been doing that people either look forward to, or they just find annoying. I don’t know, nobody’s said anything to me, I’m just guessing.

Anyway, if this is your first time hearing about #FirstLineFriday, let me explain the rules. On Fridays, you do the following:

  1. Write up a post on your blog entitled #FirstLineFriday, hashtag and all.
  2. Post the rules like I’m doing.
  3. Post the first one or two lines of a potential story, a story-in-progress, or a completed or published story.
  4. Ask your readers for feedback.

This week’s entry comes from a short story I had the idea for on Wednesday. It’s a little unusual in terms of what I write, but I think that makes it much more fun and challenging to write. Enjoy:

Carter had consumed tons of alien invasion stories as part of his job, and had decided long ago that the ones created by white people were the white man’s attempt to show the natives they’d conquered and enslaved how they would’ve reacted if a foreign enemy with superior technology ever tried to do the same to them. If the past year had proven anything though, whitey talked a big talk but couldn’t walk the walk.

Thoughts? Too long? Think this is a weird premise (if so, I’ll remind you that it’s the character’s POV)? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably post something this weekend, so I’ll see you guys then. In the meantime, have a great and relaxing weekend, my Followers of Fear.

  1. I think the premise is interesting! It does look long, though it reads okay, so I think you could break it up or leave it – either or 🙂

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