My latest Tarot reading. What it indicates…only I can tell.

About five years ago, I bought a Tarot deck and a how-to guide on how to use the cards. And after a few readings, I used it infrequently, maybe once a year. Until recently, that is. A book I read and really enjoyed featured Tarot quite heavily, as well as a few friends and acquaintances who read the cards (including one who mentions it on her blog quite regularly), spurred me to try reading the cards again. Which became something of a regular habit. And then I hit upon the idea of doing readings at the Indie Author Book Expo in Iowa last month. I bought a second deck (never use a deck for yourself and for others. It mixes energy in all the wrong ways).

And I’ve come to an opinion on Tarot. One I would like to share with you.

But before that, let me tell you about Tarot if you’re unfamiliar. Tarot cards are like playing cards, but instead of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs as the four suits, there are wands, swords, cups and pentacles (sometimes called disks). In addition, there are twenty-two trump cards called the Major Arcana, for a total of seventy-eight cards. Originally used as playing cards, the cards started being used in cartomancy, or fortune telling through cards, in the 18th century, with each card having a different meaning, often several meanings, and affecting the reading.

So yeah, I’m breaking the Torah’s prohibition on fortune-telling. But I already break the prohibition of consulting spirits at least twice a year, and God hasn’t struck me down since, so I think I’m fine.

In any case, Tarot isn’t supposed to tell the future. Many users will attest that Tarot is supposed to be used more for insight and guidance, like asking for advice. Perhaps it’ll tell you what could happen in the future, but like the future, that could change from day to day. That’s what I say, anyway.

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, what are my thoughts on Tarot? Well, before this week, I would’ve maintained that I’m undecided, and that perhaps the cards do have something to them, but it could all just be coincidence and humans looking for patterns where there are none.

But on Sunday, I had a reading that proved scarily accurate. So far, it’s been very on the nose about events that have occurred this week, to the point I shouted a very naughty word to my otherwise-empty apartment. Now, I’m not sure. Perhaps there is something there, like with the haunted locations I visit. To say the least, it’s weird.

Whether or not there’s anything to Tarot, I can’t lie that it has an effect. At the Expo last month, I did a reading for a young woman asking something near and dear to her heart of the cards. The reading the cards gave her seemed to lift her spirits and give her hope, and she seemed very interested in buying a deck of her own. I hope things work out for her, and I’m glad I was able to put some joy in her day.

So, I’ll keep reading the cards. I’ll use my Gilded Tarot deck (a reading of which is pictured above) for myself, and the Ghost Tarot deck (pictured to the right) for others. Besides being something I could do at conventions and expos, it’s fun and does give insight. Never a bad thing.

Do you have any experience with Tarot? What are your thoughts on it?

  1. I have zero experience with Tarot, but I don’t feel a need, either. When I want insight or guidance, I pray and leave it at that. For more earthly quests, I’ll research the heck out of something and/or ask learned folks questions.

  2. Pat Bertram says:

    The ghost tarot is really cool! Except for the robot tarot, all my decks are older and many of them are classics that I consider rather unattractive, but they are supposed to have all sorts of symbolism I haven’t yet studied. I’m taking it slow — one care at a time. I’ve been meaning to ask — when you do a reading for yourself, do you do just one card like I’ve been doing or do you do a layout of some sort? Oh, wait — I see that you did a 5-card layout. Is that your preference?

  3. Nisar Masoom says:

    Damn that Ghost Tarot Deck looks awesome. I do fortune telling both personally and professionally including palm reading, astrology and numerology. I haven’t really gotten into tarot cards as I’m so busy with making YouTube videos on palmistry or reading other people’s palms, but I think it is as popular as astrology and palmistry nowadays, but for me palmistry is the most accurate as the palms are the most personal things belonging to a person. Tarot could be said to be more fun but palmistry analyzes a person’s personality in a way no other form of divination can.

    What I found most interesting about your article is that you said the Torah forbids fortune-telling. That is similar to the rules of my religion, Islam, so I have gotten a lot of flak about fortune telling from my fellow Pakistanis ever since I moved back to my country, though a majority of them still want palm readings (at a reduced fee of course). =P.

    I hope I am able to enjoy Tarot Cards more in the near future. Again, the Ghost Tarot deck looks awesome. Did you get it on Amazon?

    • Actually, I bought it from a local New Age shop here in Columbus. And I’m glad I bought it. The moment I unwrapped the deck, I felt a strange power coming from it, as if it really were capable of telling me things.
      However, it is available on Amazon (that’s where I got the picture). If you ever get the chance to use Tarot, it’s a pretty good deck. That said, the Gilded Tarot I use for myself usually comes with a guidebook for beginners, so that’s a good choice as well. I suggest looking for a deck that calls to you on some level. If you feel like you have a connection with the deck, chances are you’ll have a better experience.
      Hope you found this helpful. I have very little experience with astrology and none with palmistry, so I really am not sure I have an opinion on them. It might be fun to get a reading someday.

    • Nisar Masoom says:

      Oh thanks for the suggestions. Yes this article was very helpful and also has motivated me to pick up the Tarot in the near future! Astrology and Palmistry are also interesting but Tarot has a mysterious edge to it that’s why I think it’s used in popular culture a lot.

  4. R.A.W. says:

    I’m glad you are finding meaning in the Tarot. I think it can offer something of value to almost anyone!

  5. I’m reading tarot and unfortunately some people think that the cards will tell them exactly how many kids they will have or will they be happy 🙂 I spend long time explaining that it is a tool to create better future… some people are afraid of it… Tarot has developed since XV century and I that it in holistic and mindfulness way 🙂

  6. Your Tarot Deck is looking Beautiful ❤ ❤

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