The Pulse: My First Article

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Journalism, Writing
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Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve done it! Remember when I said I would be working with a social-activism magazine called the Pulse at my school? Well, the article I wrote, about Facebook and how I felt about it, has finally been published! I’m super excited that it is finally online and I would like to thank the Pulse for letting me work with them and write for them. Continued success for the magazine.

I would also like to thank all of you who have helped and encouraged me since I started this blog. Since August I haven’t had any real success getting anything in print (or in digital code, as the article is), so thanks for being patient.

I’m including a link for the article below. Please comment on the article, and feel free to check out the rest of the website and see what the Pulse has to offer. You might just find something interesting there for you.

  1. hannahkarena says:

    Great article. Congrats on the publication!

  2. jmungar says:

    Rami – good article but I think you missed the point. Facebook has security measures in place to keep people’s information private to various extents. They had big problems with people posing as other people and accessing information. They let Facebook users control what and with whom they share information. So when someone who opens up a fake account, like you did, they don’t have to worry about that person getting to them.

    Try Facebook for real. When you get as old as me, it is a wonderful way to reconnect with people. And you don’t have to be friends with your sisters if you don’t want to!

  3. Sania Lali says:

    I’v nominated your blog for the Sunshine Awards. You can check the details here:

  4. Just dropping by and paying a visit to everyone who was so kind as to visit my blog last week when it was Freshly Pressed… Thought I’d comment up, here and say congratulations! 😀 Hope it’s the start of big things for you!

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