Done Researching, So Onto The Fifth Short Story

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Progress Report, Scary Stuff, short story, Writing
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Today was my first day of class in the new semester, but I only have the one class on Mondays, and then the rest of the day I’m free. So I got my homework done, ran a few errands, put a load of laundry through, and spent the rest of the day doing research for that fifth and final short story for the collection I’ve been writing. The research was specificially about Native American cultures and their belief systems. I focused mainly on the belief systems of the Apache, Mojave, and Navajo cultures, mainly because they are all in the same area, at least two of these tribes share a common ancestral tribe, and because a good amount of myths involving dogs, coyotes, and wolves come from those areas.

This story will be the one I planned involving a black dog spirit. Black dogs, as you may guess, are symbols of death and destruction and usually derive from the myth of Cerberus in Greco-Roman mythology. Of course, the Native Americans probably only first encountered Cerberus in classrooms where they learned the myths of the Greeks, but the fact that they have their own myths involving black dogs, wolves, and coyotes points to how large a role these creatures played in their belief systems. Either that, or Jung was really onto something.

I also learned quite a bit on the Navajo belief of Hozho, or beauty, harmony, balance, and health. Many ceremonies in Navajo culture are meant to restore this in someone who is feeling ill, and there are a variety of ceremonies, chants, and methods to heal someone who is suffering from any number of maladies. If you ask me, Hozho sounds like a very Zen belief, so score another one for Jung.

Well, I’m going to get to work on this short story before dinner. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this all done by the end of the week, though with my school work and my job taking priority and it being the first week of the semester, anything could happen. Wish me luck.

  1. blackdogart4u2 says:

    Of course the Black Dogs (the humanity tells about) are those unhuman red eyed black creatures. They are no entities or anything like that. I know…..if you encounter them… may not speak about it or you will die……blablabla! Why using the words ‘as you may guess’? Black is not the symbol of death and negativities. In Japan is white the color of death. It’s just what human made of it. The real Black Dogs (just a human-made name) are Cosmo/universal spirits that represents all the matter and power in the entire universe. Amongst them are some human natured spirits like ‘The Grandmothers’ and spirits from other worlds! I found you, not by coincidence, but because the spirits wanted me to do so! If you want to write a story, make a real good and true one. And I hear you thinkin: “Who is that guy”? And maybe other questions! In this life I’m 54 years young, but the other life inside me is thousands of years old with many lifes in human form. You may think of me as you wish, but I know where I come from and where I go to. Please use the names of these spirits with grace and they will help you!

    Greetings from a Black Dog. ∞

    • Either this is the most imaginative piece of spam I’ve ever received, or it is your spirits at work. And whether or not I made a good story is up to you. You can find out on July 17th, when the collection with the short story in question comes out on Amazon. I’d be happy for your opinion.

  2. blackdogart4u2 says:

    I had the feeling I was not replying to a ‘spam-box’ so it’s the other option you wrote in your first sentence. So that leaves us to the other option, which is maybe unlikely in your opinion. Fact: I’ve found you and you’re writing about my spirits! Ever heard of ‘synchronity’? Learn about it and you’ll know what is happening!

    Greetings. ∞

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