More New Ideas That I Can’t Wait To Work On

Posted: February 20, 2013 in ideas, short story, Writing
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As if creating the cover for The Quiet Game wasn’t good enough for me, I have new ideas for short stories that I plan to get on as soon as possible! The first short story is one I’ve been meaning to do a rewrite for a while, the one involving a demonic possession that went wrong…for the demon, that is. I’ve been ruminating over how best to rewrite and improve it for a while now, but now I’m ready to work on it. I just need the free time to do it! But if I can’t get my homework done and I don’t have anything else to do, I will get it done.

The second short story is one I just had the idea for today during my Abnormal Psychology class, involving a character who wakes up from a dissociative fugue. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a dissociative fugue is when, for reasons still not entirely understood, a person forgets their personal identity and past and adopts an entirely new identity with its own past and habits. It’s a very strange disorder, which can last anywhere from a couple of hours to several months, and usually involves the person stricken with the fugue disappearing or fleeing to a new location, possibly because of the fugue-identity’s whims or beliefs or memories (once again, not much is known about fugues).

When someone awakens from a fugue, they tend to be very confused and usually lose all memories of their fugue identity or what happened while they were in their fugue state. And since fugues are unpredictable and people don’t realize until after the state that they were in a fugue state, there’s not a lot of literature on them except for case studies written after the fugue. Sometimes the memories from these states can be recovered with therapy, but it’s rare and there’s no consistent or approved treatment for dealing with fugues.

Plus the fact that you can’t predict a fugue makes it hard to get a test subject. If anything, people who have had fugues usually have had childhood traumas or head injuries, but only a small percent of people with head injuries or traumas actually have fugues.

I’m sorry for rambling on, but do you see the set-up for a great short story here? Because I do! And I can’t wait to write it.

First I have to rewrite the possession short story. Wish me luck!


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