Comedy Might Help Me

Posted: April 17, 2013 in ideas, Living and Life, Writing
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I’ve seen two comedians live at Ohio State these past two weeks, plus one episode of Saturday Night Live. One of those comics was Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. When he came to Ohio State, he talked about how he put the former of those two books in the humor section. Why? Because people will think it was funny, but as they start reading it, they’ll realize it’s a serious guide to suriving zombies and what not to do during a zombie apocalypse, even if it seems obvious. And he did it all by presenting his work as a stand-up comedy show.

Max Brooks uses comedy to get works about us sold. How weird is that?

People tell me I’m a funny guy.

Or that sometimes I tell good jokes.

Okay, they tell me I can tell a good joke every now and then.


Once in a blue moon.

The point is, I’ve seen enough stand-up comedy to know how to do it myself. Occasionally I’ve even done my act in front of friends and fellow dorm residents. Usually I get some laughs, and that encourages me. In fact, last night I invited a few friends to my room and put on a show for them based on my own angry sarcasm and my experiences writing horror and how troublesome selling indie horror can be.

Did they laugh? Yes! They laughed, and offered me some good advice that I proceeded to act upon. The result: plenty of laughs.

Could this be the key to selling my work? Through laughter.

So I’m thinking, if I can’t use the horror persona of a creepy but brilliant writer to sell my work, why not be a disgruntled comedian on a stage? It could work.

So this summer I’ll practice, and then I’ll take the stage. Maybe I’ll even get a few laughs and some sales, especially if I use YouTube. One can hope, at the very least.

What do you think? Do you think comedy can help me with my writing?

Happy Birthday to the true home of the Jewish people. May you last for ages to come.

Oh, and before I forget…Happy Israeli Independence Day. The State of Israel was founded 65 years ago today, becoming a beacon of hope for Jews everywhere. It is also one fo the most prosperous, green, technologically advanced and democratic nations in the Middle East (and in Israel, you can say otherwise without getting jailed for it) and I hope it lasts for another 65 years or longer. Happy Birthday, Israel. You’re doing great these days.

  1. Abba says:

    Comedy is a craft that requires practice and training like any other craft. You need to get a mentor if you are serious–not me.

  2. Don’t suppose you could share some of your bits?

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