“Resurrection”: Finished

Posted: June 4, 2013 in short story, Writing
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Okay, it’s not exactly like this, but it puts things in perspective as far as what I mean when I say “bringing the dead back to life through scientific means”.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, I feel good. I just finished the short story I started rewriting on Friday, and in a strange way, I finished writing two stories at once.

I was struggling with two stories, one about a demonic possession gone wrong called Ownership, the other a story about a man brought back from the dead through scientific means called Vile. It wasn’t until I combined the stories into a single story called Resurrection that I finally managed to finish the stories. And let me tell you, every minute writing Resurrection was pure fun.

Truth be told, this story took on a life of its own as I wrote it. Most of the time I didn’t know where the story was going or what I was supposed to write next, though it wasn’t like when I had no idea what to do with the original parent stories. It was as if I just needed to find a way to keep the story fun for both me and any potential reader. But it wasn’t too hard to keep this story fun; it was very sci-fi heavy, so I got to really come up with some fun technology that might exist several decades down the road (like drones taking photos and videos at your party). When I wrote Reborn City, I focused less on the technological aspect of a story taking place about forty-five years ahead of us, so writing the science and tech aspects of Resurrection made up for it a little.

The ending of the story caught me by surprise. I always sort of knew how I wanted to end the story, but the twist I added in the end definitely threw me a little, even though I decided it was in the best interest of the story to add that little twist. Afterwards I wanted to add something like a news article stating what happened after the ending, but I felt it was unnecessary and that the ending I gave the story was good enough to close it out.

That, and my word count was getting dangerously high.

Now, I’d like to work on a bit of pure horror. I’ll be starting work on a short story that’ll be a homage to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Premature Burial”, and it’ll probably be the closest I get to writing about zombies for a very long while. Look out for it, because I can’t wait to tell you about it.

  1. I love the genre you write in. I enjoy a good scare. 😀 Do you have any idea when this story will be available?

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