An Open Letter to Stephen Moffat

Posted: August 9, 2013 in ideas, Living and Life, Writing
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(For all you non-nerds out there, Stephen Moffat is a writer and current show-runner for my latest obsession, Doctor Who. You may skip this entire post if you would like. I understand that not everyone is a fan of the show. Though if you are interested in checking out the show and want to know what the heck I’m talking about, please check out the show. It is mind-blowing.)

Stephen Moffat, current showrunner of Doctor Who.

Dear Mr. Moffat,

First off, congratulations on the selection of a new Doctor. Peter Capaldi, although not the actor I thought would play the Doctor, seems like a good choice and will do well with the part as long as he doesn’t wear the Master’s beard in the role.

Second, I’d like to suggest some ideas for future stories or story arcs for the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Now I know you are a busy man, and that you have enough on your plate and enough talented writers with much more experience than I do when it comes to Doctor Who. But I have plenty of ideas that I can’t just keep stuck in my head, so I thought I’d share them on my blog. If ever this letter goes viral and you stumble upon it, I hope you at the very least take a look at them, just to see what you think of them.

Okay, here’s some stuff I think could be interesting to use in Series 8 and 9:

A new villain. Yes, I know every story in DW has a villain of some sort, whether it be Vespiform, Sontaran, or Martian water virus. But I’m thinking more about an iconic villain, something on par with the Daleks or the Cybermen. With the Master dead and the Daleks and Cybermen being the most used (and therefore most easily defeated) villains, I’m thinking a new villain that will challenge the Doctor and come back several times to haunt him. Some suggestions include:

Imagine Peter Capaldi against this femme fatale.

—The Rani: A Time Lady full of evil and a love of freaky experiments, it would be a great throwback to the classic series if the Rani returned to menace the Doctor and Earth. And I know that all the Time Lords are supposed to be dead, but if the Master could survive the Time War, why can’t the Rani?
—An anti-UNIT organization: UNIT protects the world from alien invasions and works for the good of humanity. But what if there were people who collected alien technology and monitored their movements just to take over the world? It’d be Torchwood meets the Master, in a sense, with a bit of James Bond SPECTRE mixed in. It would certainly be a change of pace for the Doctor, considering he likes to see the good in all people and here he’s seeing the worst of humanity with the worst of alien tech.
—Something from the Time War: The Doctor mentions in The End of Time that the last few days of the war were hell, with “the Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres”. What would happen if something from that era made an appearance in the Doctor’s current time? The Doctor would have to confront some really dark memories and defeat an impossible enemy that would wreak all sorts of destruction like in the Time War.
—Something from before the Universe: In DW and its spin-offs, there have been villains who are said to have come from before Time itself (ex. The Impossible Planet/The Satan PitEnd of Days, Secrets of the Stars). What if there was an arc where the Doctor encounters several different creatures and forces that existed before the Universe, and none of them being exactly good or evil? Sounds like a lot of fun, if you ask me.
—The Valeyard: An enemy of the Sixth Doctor, the Valeyard is supposed to be an amalgamation of the Doctor’s dark sides from every previous incarnation that shows up between his twelfth and final incarnations (between Peter Capaldi and whoever comes after him, in other words). Evil and scary, he could be brought into being through some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey trick and cause all sorts of havoc, the kind the Master never could create. I’d love to see that!

Who would work best with our new 12th Doctor?

New companions. I’m not saying you should get rid of Clara Oswald. I like her, and now that the mystery of her appearance in other eras has been solved, we can delve a bit deeper into who she is as a person, which to me is a pretty big mystery in itself. I’m thinking a companion to go with her, or to come after Jenna Louise Coleman decides to retire. And here are my suggestions for that:
—Luke Smith and K-9: Last seen at the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane Smith’s alien/human hybrid son Luke had just gone off to college with mechanical K-9 in tow. Now that Sarah Jane’s actress Elizabeth Sladen is dead, I’m wondering what happened to Luke afterwards? Perhaps he and K-9 could meet up with the Doctor and go for some rides on the TARDIS, reminisce about his dear old mum, and maybe even form a father-son bond. If you ask me, Luke’s like a younger version of the Doctor in some respects, so they’d probably hit it off as mentor and protege. And I know there may be copyrights issues with bringing K-9 on, seeing as he has his own show in Australia, but it’d still be fun to have him along.
—Someone more enigmatic than the Doctor: In some books and movies, you get a character that’s so mysterious, that’s always keeping a secret hidden, who always seems to know more than you do. They don’t lie, but their words are so wrapped up in riddles that you have to really figure through their words to understand them. Pair that with the Doctor, who always is keeping secrets even when you think you have him figured out, and it could make for some interesting conversations.
—Jenny: The Doctor gained a daughter through some weird technological bio-genetic processes in Series 3. He thinks she’s dead, but she’s still alive. What would happen if she popped back in for a visit?
—A grade schooler: I know, the Doctor doesn’t usually take anyone younger than 14 onto the TARDIS, and when he does usually it’s at the behest of one of his companions. But imagine if the Doctor was forced to take a child onto the TARDIS with him, perhaps one that has been displaced in time and space, and take care of said child for a story or two? The Doctor hasn’t had any parenting experience for a while, so at the very least he’ll be able to give us a few laughs and one or two heartwarming scenes.

New Stories. Yes, every series has new stories with new aliens and new villains and whatnot. But here’s my ideas for some new stories:
—A Visit To Earth’s First City: The Doctor stops at a Mesopotamian city that has been forgotten by history. There, he encounters aliens trying to pass themselves off as gods, and not the benevolent kind.
—The Big Race: When setting the TARDIS on random, the Doctor lands at a space port where every year there’s a space race. When the Doctor’s companion(s) are held for ransom as prizes, the Doctor has to use his wits to win the race and save the day with the TARDIS.
—TARDIS-Hunters: The Doctor encounters a group of aliens who hunt down TARDISes and their pilots. Why are they hunting TARDISes? And what do they plan to do with the Doctor’s TARDIS?
—The Convention Center: Landing in 21st century Los Angeles, the Doctor finds himself at a convention for a TV show that bears a remarkable similarity to his own life. Why does such a thing exist? And who is behind it? Or what?

Well, that’s really all I have to say in terms of what you should do for the upcoming series. I hope you like these ideas, should you ever read them. And if you want me to, I’d be happy to write some of these ideas into episodes. I’d literally hop across the pond on one foot, if that’s what it took.

I wish you luck with the upcoming episodes of Doctor Who and I hope for at least another 5-10 years of the Doctor at least.

Hoping you are well,

Rami Ungar

PS Before I forget, can you do a spin-off of Doctor Who featuring Vashtra, Jenny Flint, and Strax, aka the Paternoster Gang? Torchwood‘s on hiatus for nearly two years, The Sarah Jane Adventures has ended, and the K-9 TV series is not really a Doctor Who property, so a show revolving around Vashtra and the gang would be great entertainment, especially if they clash with Torchwood sometimes.

  1. You really have some great ideas going on there! I kind of hope Moffat reads this one day.
    I’d also really like to see Jenny back, but I think Moffat has mentioned a couple of times that he doesn’t intend on bringing her back to the show – which is a real shame, if you ask me
    I also like Clara, but all the companions lately were so similar. It’s probably stupid, because that person wouldn’t mix well with the Doctor, but just for once, I want a person who is shy and quiet (which doesn’t exclude that she’s strong) instead of this fierce and immensly charismatic female the Doctor travels with every time the past seasons.

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