Self-Published Authors are Not Entitled to a Free Ride

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Writing
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These days, you have self-published authors asking their readers to finance their editing fees, the creation of the book cover, and even vacations/plane tickets/living expenses. And when these authors don’t get “donations”, they can throw hissy fits.
This is not acceptable behavior, and will only harm the author in the end. We as readers don’t owe them anything, especially without garauntee of anything back. For more, read this article by novelist and fellow writer for Self-Published Auhtors Helping Other Authors, Ruth Ann Nordin.

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

This post is based off of several alarming things I’ve seen on the Internet.   I see stuff like self-published authors asking for people to buy their book so they can fund their college education, their vacation, etc.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money at writing, but to come out and ask for someone to buy your book so you can buy something?  That seems tacky to me.  Then I talk to a couple of cover artists and find out authors are asking to be given “free” covers.  Never mind that the cover artist spent time and money buying stock photos for those covers.  Then I see authors who want others to fund the editing costs of their books.  I’m guessing some of these authors expect editors to do it for free.  I don’t know any editors personally enough to have had that discussion with them.  Then…

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  1. Wow. She sounds like a real ball-buster. But then again, she isn’t wrong. Self-published authors have to be some of the most annoying people around. Always demanding that people read their crappy manuscript. And I should know, I am one. Ha!

    • Oh, you’re not that bad, Matt. In fact, you read RC all for an interview. You didn’t give two sh*ts about the hundred bucks. I think that speaks a lot for your character and your determination to be an excellent author.

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