Review: Frozen

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Review
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A friend of mine and I went to see this movie today. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and we thought it’d be a lot of fun to see. Turns out it was: Frozen is definitely a lot of fun to watch, and it’s definitely not your average Disney movie.

Frozen tells the story of two sisters, Princess Elsa and Anna of Arendelle. The elder sister Elsa has the power to control ice and snow, however a childhood incident where Anna is injured causes the royal family to erase Anna’s memories of Elsa’s powers and to try and shut up Elsa’s abilities in the hopes of controlling them (all it seems to accomplish though is a rift between sisters and giving Elsa low self-esteem and a terrific fear of people. However, when Elsa takes over the throne, things get out of hand, culminating in Elsa accidentally causes a blizzard in summer and ends up retreating to the northern mountains to use her powers without restriction. Anna goes off after her sister to save the kingdom and repair their friendship with the help of a very stubborn ice salesman. Meanwhile, a scheming duke tries to get his way with the kingdom, and there’s an even worse schemer in the dark.

The musical numbers are wonderful and fun, and the animation is excellent (though I’m still a bigger fan of traditional animation. I’ll never stop watching anime because of it). The voice acting is wonderful and the plotting is very good (unless you’re the Doctor, you won’t see some really interesting twists near the end of the show that will leave you going “No way!”). And you can really feel the emotions between the characters, especially between the sisters and between Anna and ice-salesman Kristoff.

But the best part of the show (if you’re an adult, that is) is seeing Disney play around with the usual tropes and clichés in Disney princess films.  In some ways they’re still stuck in the past in terms of women’s portrayals, but in other ways they’re managing to advance (I’d go into detail here, but if you see the movie, you’ll get the idea). They also play with the whole idea of Prince Charming, and finally, they explore the meaning of the word freedom. In fact, I think the theme of the movie would be love and freedom, and what those words mean.

There’s only one problem with the show. Well, it’s not a problem, really. More like they left room for a sequel. And if there is a sequel (and they may do a sequel, given the success of the film), it might be really bad. In fact, it would probably really bad. I’ve never seen a good sequel to a film about a princess (and I’ve seen one or two in my time).

All in all, I give Frozen a 4.8 out of 5. It’s a lot of fun and I recommend it for you and for the kids. I might have to check it out when it comes out on DVD…and I’ll definitely have to check out the soundtrack. Even if there is a bad sequel someday.

By the way, before my friend and I went to the theater, we watched the movie The Thing at my place, which takes place in Antarctica. And here in Columbus, it’s regularly around or below freezing. I’m just wondering, does that make us gluttons for punishment or what?


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