It probably won’t surprise many of you that I am looking for a job for after graduation. In fact, I’ve been applying left, right and center since around October or November, applying for writing and editing jobs, as well as government posts, entertainment positions, a few political gigs, some nonprofit work, and many office jobs. How’s it gone so far?

Well, I’ve had some rejections, and I haven’t heard back from more than one place. I treat it a lot like getting published in magazines. You have to keep trying, and you’ll eventually get a hit among those many, many misses. That’s why I keep applying everywhere I can, and why I don’t get discouraged. But I have to admit, looking for a job is difficult, especially when you consider that I’m still four-and-a-half months from graduating (one place told me that while my resume looked good, they needed someone now, so I was out of the running). Can’t blame them for that. And a lot of jobs that seem right up my alley are looking for people with more real-world experience. I guess even with three-and-a-half years in the financial aid office, you’re not automatically the best fit for these many jobs, huh?

Still, there’s reason to hope. As it gets closer to graduation, I think more places might see me as a good candidate given that I’ll be available sooner. And I applied for a program that helps people with disabilities get jobs in the federal government, and the interviewer I talked to said I seemed like a good candidate, so when I hear back from them next month I think I might get some good news. There’s reasons to hope.

I just hope wherever I end up that I enjoy the work I do to some extent and, if I have to move for work, that I can afford the job. Columbus is pretty affordable, but places like New York, California, Washington DC, they can cost a lot of money. Hopefully I won’t go bankrupt trying to live if I get placed there!

Well, we’ll deal with that when I find a job. In the meantime, I’m just doing what I’ve been doing these past couple of months: writing and blogging, studying, working, and when I have a moment, applying. My dream job would be to write full-time (plenty of authors who want that, am I right?), but until that’s more feasible, I’m looking for good alternatives. I’m sure there’s a good fit out there for me, I just have to keep looking and someday I’m sure I’ll find it.

What was your job search like for you?

What tips do you have for looking for a job?

Also, if you hear of any jobs out in your area that you think might be a good fit for me, I’d really appreciate it if you told me. It’d mean a lot to me.

Also, there’s only one week left of the holiday sale of all of my books going on right now. If you want to buy or download my books for a good price, now is the time to do it before price go up again. And if you like what you read, please let me know, either in a comment or in a review. Positive or negative, I love feedback, so I’d be happy to hear from you.

That’s all for now. I’m dividing my day up between working on my various projects and binge-watching shows I have to catch up on. Have a good day, my Followers of Fear.

  1. Michael Ungar says:

    What’s up with the program through Hillel and JFS? They should be able to guide you.

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