Two months ago, I wrote about how the job search was going for me and some opportunities I’ve been presented. I’m writing an update on how said search for employment is going for me now that I’m midway through the semester and graduation is a little over eight weeks away (jeez, that close! I better rent my cap and gown soon).

As you can probably guess, my dream job is to write full-time. Unfortunately, while I do have a growing audience of people reading my books, at this point in my career it’s not feasible to take up writing full-time if I plan to actually have a roof over my head. After that, I’d really enjoy being part of the writing staff for Doctor Who, but unfortunately that seems to be an invitation-only sort of gig and at this time I’m not on Steven Moffat’s radar (though if he’s interested, I’ve got plenty of ideas for stories I’d love to pitch to him). So I’m currently looking for jobs that fit my abilities and are probably easier to obtain than being a BBC staff writer.

Thankfully, a few jobs that I’ve applied to are looking pretty good. Remember in my last post I mentioned a government program that helps people with disabilities get government jobs? Well, that led to a phone interview with a certain civilian branch of the military that went pretty well and I might be able to get a position with them. I won’t know anything till April or May at the earliest though, so I’m waiting to hear back.

I also applied to a few more jobs, and they look promising. I’m currently waiting to hear back from a number of places, and this coming week when I can I’ll be doing some more applications. I’m also applying to jobs in Columbus and in the general area, so my fingers are crossed that one of these will pan out. And I’ve signed up to possibly go to Israel with Masa, a program that takes college students and graduates and immerses them in Israeli culture for several months through college courses, graduate studies, and even internships. That could lead to so much if I end up going on a Masa program.

You know, I’m relatively lucky that finding a job while I finish up my last semester is one of my few sources of stress. I’m really glad and lucky that I’ve gotten so much experience while working with the financial aid office and I’ve done and learned so much in my life I’m sure it’ll be helpful in years to come.

But still I feel a little anxiety as graduation gets closer. People are interviewing and applying and getting hired around this time, and I worry that I might not be able to get a job by graduation and have to (gasp!) move into my dad’s house and continuing looking for work from there! I don’t want that to happen and I don’t think it will, but you fear it might, especially in the current job market when just having a bachelor’s degree isn’t any guarantee of meaningful employment.

Well, I’ve got to keep trying. As people keep reminding me, the first job search is usually the hardest. Just keep trying and something will stick, and from there it’ll be…well, it’ll be something. Maybe not easier, but it’ll be something. And who knows? I might even hear something from someone reading this blog and that’ll be the one I get! You never know.

In the meantime, I’ve got a thesis to edit, so I’m going to do that and call it a night. Tomorrow there’s homework, more editing, and maybe a job application to do. So wish me luck, my Followers of Fear. I’m going to need it during these next couple of months.

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