Well, it’s the end of the second week of the new semester, and I’m hopefully settling into a rhythm here with classes everyday and work 3 days a week. In the midst of all this I find time to write short stories (such as those that will be in The Quiet Game: Five Tales To Chill Your Bones. Coming soon in e-book format), including a short story for class. For this short story, I plan on the plot to center around the subject of a fictional urban legend at Ohio State University, my own school. I plan for the story to be written in the style of The Virgin Suicides, where a group of people narrate the story as it happened to them. I’m pretty sure this’ll work for the story.

I also plan on doing homework, because I have to keep my grades up. I also plan to relax a bit, maybe watch a new SNL with Jennifer Laurence hosting. But most of all, I’m looking forward to the inaguration on Monday. In fact, the movie theater near campus will be showing the inaguration live in one of the theaters, so I’ll go there to watch it. I can’t wait!

So have a great 3-day weekend, and I’ll hopefully write a few more posts as the weekend goes on, especially if I have any news to report. See ya!

  1. Three day weekend! What’s Monday, just no classes, or there some stat holiday I don’t get up here in Canuckland??

    • It’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, or as we sometimes call it, MLK Jr. Day. If you ask me, it makes perfect sense that the inaguration will be held that day; I’m sure the good doctor would be happy to know that the 1st black US president is being inagurated for his 2nd term on the day we celebrate his birthday, 44 years after his death, with the 44th president no less.

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