Addict: The Post-Workshop Edition

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Progress Report, short story, Writing
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Well, it’s been a very busy day for me. I had two very long classes that had a lot of reading as homework, I had to work a shift today, and of course I had to eat my breakfast and lunch. But you know what? I managed to find time to work on “Addct”, one of the short stories for The Quiet Game: Five Tales To Chill Your Bones. I took most of the suggestions that my creative writing class gave me, the ones I felt worked best for this story, and incorporated them into the plot.

I gave my main character a little more to him than the static image I had before, adding in a best friend for the character and showing him actually interacting with people other than his own strange hallucinations. And even better, I managed to give the story a new, rather ironic ending. It’s the type of ending horror fans love: the kind that lets you know that the troubles are far from over.

Can you tell I’m happy with the final version? Sure, it’s a bit more literary than I like, but the very fantastical elements of the story makes sure I don’t get bored.

So this is the first of the five short stories for The Quiet Game to be fully finished. Four more to go, and I’ll be able to put the whole collection out. I just have to wait for my friends who are critiquing the other four to get back to me. At this moment, I’m predicting sometime in March or April I’ll have this out.

Keep with me folks, I’ll be published soon!


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