Three Days After Daisy Hits The Stands

Posted: May 22, 2013 in short story, Writing
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The digital stands, that is.

Most of you already know, but the short story I published as a promotional piece for The Quiet Game: Five Tales To Chill Your Bones, titled “Daisy: A Short Story”, is on Amazon and other websites, and on most of them it’s free. As of today, about 80 copies have been downloaded. To those who’ve already downloaded the story, thanks for downloading. I really like the idea of people reading my work.

And since I’m always looking to sell a little more, I thought I’d tell you a bit about this story I published, which follows the travails of a girl who’s been kidnapped by a deranged man and then kept in an abandoned building for several days. I wrote it back in high school, after having a very vivid and disturbing dream one night. I dreamed I was reading a comic book and one of the scenes in the story was playing out in the story. I woke up, and I started plotting a short story.

Well, the story I wrote, but it took a few years in storage for me to see what needed to be fixed. So three or four years later, I looked at the story, and started taking out a lot of unnecessary gristle. And as my high school English teacher said, “it’s done.” I couldn’t do anything more with it. And then I went to work creating a cover, sent it over to the copyright office, and about three months and thirty-five dollars later, Daisy was on the net. My uncle alerted me to some strange formatting problems on the copy he downloaded, I fixed the problems, and then he told me that besides the format issues, the story was good.

So now I hope for a few more downloads, I tell everyone I can that it’s available on the Internet, and I hope that it gets people interested in more of my work, such as The Quiet Game, which will be coming out sometime this summer. Perhaps a few people will do reviews on Amazon or on Smashwords or on B& I can hope.

So if you’re interested, please check out Daisy. You may have trouble sleeping, but at least you’ll have been entertained for a little while.

  1. Hmm. I wonder who this uncle might be.

  2. Mou Mya says:

    I am looking forward to read Daisy, I already downloaded it. You got a three star for Daisy by David Blake which it self is a big accomplishment.

    • I actually never expected that one to go anywhere. It was something I released as an experiment to see how people would react if I put something online for them to read. Thanks for saying you’ll read it though. I appreciate the support.

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