If you see a pun in that title, you’ll realize it’s one of THE worst puns in existence. I’m not even sure why I made it.

Earlier today I had an idea for a story that I’m tentatively calling “Rose”. I’m not going to get into details about it, though I will say that flowers and plants do play a big role in the story, if the title didn’t give it away, and when I write it I’ll probably listen to a lot of songs about obsessive love and stalkers. I somehow came up with it while sitting in my Science Fiction and Fantasy class today (I’ll probably be able to recall the thought process behind it better at a later date, because it’s a bit of a mystery now), and I wrote it down when I got home today.

Now at first I thought it would make a great short story. But then…I realized that this story would be longer than your average short story. Then I thought, “Perhaps it could be some weird, creepy novel.” But that was too long. So I thought to myself, “How about a novella?”

Now, I’ve never had any definite opinions on novellas. I’ve only read a few in my entire lifetime, most of them by Stephen King (anyone familiar with “N.” or “Everything’s Eventual”, by any chance?). I’d never considered writing one before. Short stories, which are the foundations for a career in fiction writing, are hard enough to write for me, and novels are my true passion. Why would I have time for a novella, that strange middle-ground between the art of short stories that is sometimes so elusive for me and the novel that is my freedom and passion?

But when I thought of this story, it somehow clicked that a novella format would be best. I wouldn’t have to struggle to extend the story, and I wouldn’t have to pack it into a neat little package. The story would fit in the format of a novella. And from there I formed my first real opinion on novellas: they are perfect for those stories that can’t fit into the format of a short story but would suffer as a novel.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll write this novella–though I have an idea or two–but I look forward to writing it, like I look forward to writing all the stories I come up with. Until then, I’ll probably churn this one in the bowels of my imagination until I have a better idea of the story I’d like to write with it. After all, my stories are usually a bit better when I’ve given them a little time to mature in my imagination.

Oh, fun fact before I finish this post: this novella is the 60th idea for a story I’ve had, not counting short stories or articles I’ve written. With the amount of ideas I have, I’ll at the very least never run out of ideas for stories to write, and at the very best I’ll be very prolific. Either way, it’s good news.

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I write more novellas than I do novels. Somehow, it is easier for me and it gives me more time to write more novellas.

    All the best with yours 🙂

  2. pfankuchen says:

    having ideas is always great rami! Congratulations! hey and very nice blog!! maybe you will also like http://www.fromperutotheworld.wordpress.com

  3. This sounds familiar, the process I mean, not the story. Why is it the ideas always seem to churn up when you’re otherwise occupied?

    • Psychology figured that one out. When your mind is unfettered by the need for a new idea and is instead focused on something else, the idea will become simply because we’re not racking our brains for it. At least that’s how I understand it.

  4. My mind is so obsessed with Doctor Who that my first thought of “Rose” wasn’t a flower but a character … but it sounds like a novella would be a good idea for the story!

    • Thanks! And I’m not surprised at all about the “Doctor Who” association. That show tends to get into your head…almost like a TARDIS translation matrix.

      • It’s probably especially present right now, because I re-watched all of Torchwood the past days, but yeah, it definitely gets into your head.

      • I’m watching Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures for the first time. Talk about in your head there!

      • I have to admit I’ve never watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, but I don’t know why.
        I was devastated after watching Torchwood. I think I was sometimes even more upset than I was during Doctor Who. Where are you with Torchwood? I mean which season?

      • I’m on Season 3, which I’ll start after season 3 of SJA. And I totally recommend that one by the way. It’s more geared for kids, so no on-screen deaths, but it is still fun and addicting. And British kids shows are actually more thought-out than American kids shows, which I like.

      • I still have season 4 of Torchwood ahead of me, because I haven’t seen that yet. Maybe I’ll start SJA after that.
        I cried a lot in season 3 and after Owen’s and Toch’s death I didn’t think it was possible for Torchwood to be capable of making me do that.

      • Well I can garauntee you SJA won’t make you cry with anything but happiness. You may actually experience terror, but other than that, nothing bad.

  5. tinemagpayo says:

    “and when I write it I’ll probably listen to a lot of songs about obsessive love and stalkers.”

    I do the same thing when I write!! Music really sets the mood and help me find the right words for the right emotions 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to reading your story 🙂

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