I’m Taking Over Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Living and Life, Writing
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As many of you know, I’ve been writing for the blog Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors since June. I’ve enjoyed the work and the chance to interact with so many authors, giving them advice and receiving advice in turn.

However there’s been a change recently. This week one of my fellow authors on the blog and an administrator said that she and her fellow administrator were stepping down from theĀ roles of administrators, and she wanted to know if I was interested in taking on the job, seeing as the other author/contributors weren’t interested in taking over.

For maybe a second after my surprise wore off I was hesitant about taking the post. But afterwards, I felt that…I don’t know, but I guess it was like I had to take the post once it was offered. So I asked some questions about what I was expected to do in the post, what I could do, what I had to do, and yesterday I took over the position and added it to my resume.

Now, I’ve told a few people about this, and everyone’s been very excited and supportive. My parents have been acting like it’s a career-changing promotion. I however, am a little nervous. Besides being a labor of love, Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors, of Self-Pub Authors as I call it, is a very busy blog that gets between 50 and 150 hits on average each day (and that’s on days when posts don’t get published). It’s got a wider range than my own blog, and I’m looking forward to helping it grow, but I also hope I can keep up the momentum and also be helpful and useful to the authors who read our blog.

In any case, I’ll apply my all to it, just as I apply my all to nearly everything else in my life. I’m also looking forward to working with my fellow authors and I may add an author or two later on to the blog to help with the demand.

In the meantime though, I hope to publish my first post as administrator tonight. I’m not decided what the article will be about, but I’m hoping to write a good one, so please wish me luck as I start out with this new endeavor.


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