Another semester passes by, and with it the realization of two things: one is that I have enough credit to be considered a senior now that the semester is over. The other is that I now have a year and a half left of my time at Ohio State University. Boy, way to make my time here feel finite.

Every semester is different and not just because of a set of new classes. For example, this semester I moved into an apartment with a friend about two blocks from campus, meaning we both had to take on a whole lot of different responsibilities. I also started taking five classes in a single semester, more than I’ve ever had in a single semester. At times the homework load was almost unbearable. I hope that next semester will be a bit easier, though judging by the amount of reading I’ll be doing that doesn’t look like the case.

This semester was also significant because two major events happened to me: I published my first novel Reborn City and I got accepted into a study-abroad trip to Europe for three weeks in May. The latter so far has taken up more of my attention, because I’m going to be spending all of next semester preparing for it. And I mean all of next semester: four out of five of the classes I’m taking are in preparation for what I’m going to study in Europe (by the way, the trip is about studying World War II). Still, RC has taken up a bit of attention too. I’ve had to advertise everywhere I can. I’m actually looking into putting an ad into the student newspaper if it doesn’t cost too much.

And as for my classes this semester, I took Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Biology, Writing for English Majors, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, and History of the Holocaust. The latter two were my favorite classes (despite the dark subject material in the Holocaust course) and they were also the classes I did the best in, getting As on most papers and tests. All told, my grades added to a total 3.263 GPA. I’m happy with my grades (they’re all passing grades) but I’m going to aim for higher next semester. Especially since going on the trip and keeping my scholarships will require me to keep my grades up!

Well, I hope to have more good news later. Watch out for my Spring Semester 2014 Pre-Semester Report. It’ll probably be showing up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m going to make dinner and finish Ch. 28 of Video Rage. Wish me luck.

  1. All right! Sounds like this (academic) year is off to a good start. Wish I could say my fall has been as good. This season has been a downright d***head to me thus far, and I want to see improvements come 2014!

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