I’ve been meaning to write this post all day, but it’s been kind of a crazy day, so I haven’t rally had the chance until now. I better take advantage of this opportunity while I still have the chance.

Last night I sat down to work on Chapter Thirty-Five of Video Rage, the sequel to Reborn City. I’d started the chapter earlier in the week, but because I’d been sick and because of the new year I’d only gotten a little over a page written. I’d planned to sit down and write before Elementary came on, and then do some more writing during the commercial breaks, but at around nine-thirty the power went out all around my neighborhood. In the space of a second the only light in my apartment was my laptop computer.

Now for those not too familiar with Ohio, we get some crazy weather year round (last year during a power outage a friend’s grandmother actually got snow on her roof. It was in July, and she has the photo to prove it). And this week we’ve been seeing below-freezing temperatures and several inches of snow. So when the power went off, my apartment started getting pretty cold. After confirming that the rest of the neighborhood was out of power and placing a phone call to the power company (where I learned that the outage would most likely be repaired by half-past midnight), I shut myself off in the apartment, got out some flashlights, and booted up the computer to continue writing VR Ch. 35.

Normally when I write, I’m beset by a number of distractions, the Internet being the chief one. However the lack of power took out the Internet, took out the TV, took out the lights, and took out most of the distractions. So besides answering the phone or getting up for the bathroom or to blow my nose and get a cough drop (still a little sick even now), I was basically distraction-free.

And boy did I write! With nothing really to keep me from writing, I just wrote the scene down! There were some tear-jerking moments when the characters questioned why they were even fighting for their lives, followed by a moment when my leading lady really hit them with a pep talk. There was a final battle, and it resolved with a deus ex machina that perhaps wasn’t the best deus ex machina ever written, but I think for this story it worked out very well.

At around ten to midnight the power in my apartment came back on, and I was able to take a hot shower and go to bed feeling warm. However I also ended the evening with a lot of work out of the way and the goal to finishing Video Rage that much closer to attaining. I’m really glad I was able to have that opportunity to write uninterrupted, even if I had to wear an extra sweatshirt and my snuggie to do it. And when I finish Video Rage (hopefully sometime this weekend), I’ll be able to look back on that night and see it as a bit of a turning point in the process to finishing up the novel.

However, there’s a bit of a sad note to this story: last night while I was working, I dropped my USB drive and its casing broke. Luckily I was able to fix it quickly with some tape and none of the files saved on the drive went missing or were damaged, but I knew then that the drive was near the end of its life. The drive was already several years old: I’d gotten it in high school, and back then it had a silver casing around it to protect it, as well as fabric and another metal ring so that you could hang it from a key ring. The fabric broke eventually, and then after nearly four and a half years of surviving everything and anything, the silver casing fell off, and not too long after the last one, the casing broke.

My old flash drive in its last moments. In lieu of flowers, please send money to a charity of your choice (though I wouldn't mind if you supported my Buckeyethon fundraising efforts).

My old flash drive in its last moments. In lieu of flowers, please send money to a charity of your choice (though I wouldn’t mind if you supported my Buckeyethon fundraising efforts).

So while I’m kind of sad to have to give up the drive, I know it’s time to let it go. I already bought a replacement and I’ve transferred the files, so I can let it go knowing all the hard work and all the years of use weren’t in vain. So good-bye, old USB drive that lasted through so many years and even a trip through the washing machine (not kidding, it went through the washer and after some time in rice worked like a charm). You shall be fondly remembered.

I’m going to end this post here, Followers of Fear. I just want to say that wherever you are right now, you’re warm and your power’s working. I’ll let you know if I finish Video Rage by the time I go back to classes on Monday. Wish me luck!

  1. Interesting. I can imagine a blackout would help in summoning up some dark imagery and feelings too, huh?

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