The photo up above is NOT the cover. I just wanted one more photo of a snake before I unveiled it. Actually, the cover is right below this paragraph, and I must say it’s some of my best work yet in covers. Take a look:


Yes, that woman is naked on the cover. The actual painting is called Lilith by the English painter John Collier. I chose it for three main reasons. One was that it represents a Genesis theme, and references to Genesis do appear in Snake (three guesses what they are, the first two don’t count). The second reason is that a lot of authors I admire have famous paintings on their book covers and I wanted to do something similar with Snake and with any sequels I might write. Or maybe I wanted to draw audiences in by featuring a naked woman on the cover because nothing sells like sex. I confuse the two often. No, it’s the one about authors I admire. Never mind.

The third reason is that the only other option I had for a cover was a photo of a mask similar to what the Snake wears in the novel, but that was too disturbing to put on the cover. I decided to go with the less-disturbing Lilith instead.

Well, that’s the cover. I plan to back my files up in the morning and then send them off to the copyright office. Hopefully for once the US Copyright Office will make good on that promise of a processing time of two-and-a-half months (I doubt it).

And while I have your attention, I would like to announce a tentative release date for Snake. Assuming that nothing gets in the way of this book coming out by that time, I would like to announce that Snake will be coming out June 10, 2014, my twenty-first birthday and exactly two years to the day I started work on this novel. If it needs to be pushed back, I’ll do that, but I’d like to release it on that day. Not only will it feel right to release it that day, but it’ll be a great birthday present if a lot of people buy the book the day it comes out.

Well, that’s all for now, Followers of Fear. Please let me know what you think of the cover and of the release date. I’d love to hear from you. For now though, I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!


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