Looks like I get to do a post again with a snake at the top again. You may remember my previous post about the cover for Snake that I created (if not, you can read it here). I got some feedback on it, and most of the people who commented on Facebook said that they wanted more of the painted Lilith’s face and less of her legs. Well, I kind of went with the choice to hide her face because it meant that I could hide her bare breasts. The last thing I wanted was someone to flag Snake as abusive or offensive because of a little T&A.

But I decided that my friends had some very valid points. So I changed the design of the book cover to Aspen, and made the color for the background burnt sienna. The result got better reviews than the first cover. Okay, one guy thought it was “too racy”, but to be fair he’s Orthodox Jewish, so I guess to him a sleeveless shirt on a young lady might be crossing lines. Still, I see his point: Lilith by John Collier, while definitely a work of art in the style of the old Renaissance masters, is pretty sexual. Given the references to the Genesis story though, I think it’s important to keep the theme there, and that’s part of why I chose the painting (along with the obvious snake wrapped around her Britney Spears-style and the red hair which is also upon the head of an important character in this book).

So to recap here’s the previous cover I created:


And here’s the second version:


Is it much racier? Yes, it really is. Might it get me in trouble? Possibly. Am I going to change it? At this point, I’d have to say no. I kind of like it, the painting entered the public domain ten years ago, so there’s no copyright issues, and it looks like something I might pick up and at least consider at Barnes & Noble. And I hope people who come across this book on the Internet won’t be embarrassed by the naked woman on it to buy it. Then again, that is what made Kindle and Fifty Shades of Grey such great bedfellows: nobody felt embarrassed reading the book on a tablet on a train or bus. We’ll see.

And yes, that “bedfellows’ thing was intentional. I wasn’t going to do it, but I put it in anyway.

Anyway, unless anybody gives me some objection or some feedback that makes me change my mind, I think I’ll go with this cover. Tomorrow I’ll send it off to the copyright office and possibly start on a book trailer if I have the time. I already have a song I’m going to use, and several images I plan to put into a rather interesting slideshow. I’ll post it here when I’m done.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m heading to bed soon. Goodnight, Followers of Fear.


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