Snake: Two Weeks Since Publication

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Novel, Writing
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How far would you go for love and revenge?

It’s been two weeks since Snake was published. Still can’t believe it. Just the other day I signed my dad’s copy of it (last I checked though he hasn’t seen the message I left. Abba, please know I meant it as a compliment if you’re not sure what to make of it).

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day to purchase the e-book of Snake for only $0.99. From June 25th to July 7th the price will go up to $1.99, and from July 8th onwards it’ll be $2.99 until the next sale. So if you’re interested in reading the e-book, now’s the best time to do it.

And if you prefer print books or you don’t have an e-reader, the paperback is at last check $10.37. I’m not sure what algorithms Amazon uses to control its paperback prices, but if you would like to purchase the paperback, it just got a bit more affordable over the past couple of days.

If you want to check out Snake, you can visit its Amazon page or you can see its page here on the blog. And if you end up getting Snake and reading it, please let me know in a comment or in an Amazon review what you thought of it. Positive or negative, I always enjoy feedback, so please let me know if you liked Snake, or if you thought certain aspects could be improved, or if you were mad that there wasn’t a character who smoked in the story (apparently some people will give lower grades to books depending on minute stuff like that. I don’t know anyone like that, I’ve only heard, but apparently they’re out there).

Have a great day, everyone. I hope to have another blog post out soon. Keep an eye peeled for it, and thanks for checking Snake out. I really appreciate it.

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