Review: Deliver Us From Evil

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Review, Scary Stuff
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Even when I hear bad tings about a film, I’ll go just to get my own opinion. Sometimes I agree with the critics, sometimes I don’t. In this case, I’ll have to agree with the critics.

Based on a book by Ralph Sarchie, which in itself is based on things that actually happened to him while with the NYPD, Deliver Us From Evil follows a hard-nosed Bronx cop who finds himself caught in a conspiracy involving demonic forces that have possessed a soldier and are unleashing hell upon New York. Teaming up with a strange priest and questioning his own doubts and beliefs, our hero (played by Eric Bana) races against time to stop any more victims from dying, including his own family.

I thought the film had a strong start. We’re in Iraq, we see some really freaky stuff occur in a cave, and then we switch to some horrific stuff happening in Bronx, including a baby in a dumpster and a very abusive husband. Later on though, things kind of drag out. There are jumps here and there, but a terrifying atmosphere is lacking. To make up for this, the film tries to deliver blood, possessed people acting crazy and animals making scary sounds, but it just doesn’t make things scary enough.

The high point of the film is definitely the final exorcism, which has plenty of weird effects, some emotional struggles, and even a little humor. Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez (the priest Mendoza) are great in the roles, but they can’t make the rest of the film enjoyable. Even the mystery to be solved in this story doesn’t keep it from seeming to drag on. And the way the film ends, all in a little bow, seems almost too sugary-sweet. Plus there’s a detail from the exorcism scene involving Father Mendoza that isn’t resolved, and I wish they would’ve done that.

In any case, this movie might’ve done better as a book–oh wait, it already is. Never mind. I’m giving Deliver Us From Evil a 2.6 out of 5.

The good thing about this film is that I got some great recommendations for some other films. The theater I go to has these specials before the movie where staff from the theater interview local celebrities about film, and I got some great recommendations for films I’ll have to check out. Not a bad evening, if you ask me.

  1. Interesting. This is also the name of a documentary about child sexual abuse in the church, and the long, hard fight to get them to acknowledge it. Of course, it was released back in the early 2000’s, back when Benedict XVI was still Pope and the church was still stonewalling.

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