Doing something a little different today. I actually want your opinion, Followers of Fear. Do you remember an article I wrote for Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors a while back about ACX, a company that produces audio books for authors (if you don’t or you’ve never read it, click here to get caught up)? Since then, I’ve been considering on and off producing an audio book based on one of my books, probably one of the novels.

The question is, would anyone be interested in getting an audio book based on one of my stories? If they did, which one? And for how much would they be willing to buy it?

So I thought I’d ask my readers these same questions. If you feel comfortable, please leave a comment below telling me the following:

  • Would you be willing to listen to a Rami Ungar audio book?
  • Which book would you prefer produced as an audio book, Reborn City or Snake?
  • How much would you be willing to pay for said audio book?

Anyway, thanks for your help, my Followers of Fear. I’m looking forward to hearing your resposnes and making a decision based on them. Until next time!

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I love audio books for my commutes!

  2. Michael Ungar says:

    Sounds like a good idea if it’s not too expensive. Who does the reading?

    • That company I mentioned, ACX, brings authors together with voice actors who do the reading. It’s kind of like getting to screen auditions and see who you find who works for you. It’s pretty sweet.

  3. I don;t like audio books because I tune out, but I know people who do, so if it’s feasible might as well try it. The more venues your book is available at, the better!

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