I move into my new apartment in a week. I’ve been running every which way getting ready. No one was available to help me move or rent a U-Haul, so I hired a moving company. Costs a lot, but it’s worth it for the service. Plus rent up front for the first month. Another big payment. And the new bed was a big payment. And the cable is also going to be a big payment. I don’t think gas will be that much, but you never know.

It’s a good thing I’m starting my new job on June 13th. It’ll be good to get working, earn some money and also make a difference. And this internship has a good chance of transitioning into a full-time position, which would be wonderful. Of course, I have to work hard, and make a good impression, and not screw up. And that’ll be a challenge, but I’m sure I can handle it. I just have to remember people’s names and hope they don’t mind that sometimes social situations go over my head (the stories I could tell, but don’t want to).

God forbid I should have to search for another job after this, because I like working and I hate searching. And with a new apartment, I can’t afford to not be earning money. So I must do my best in this new job and make the most of the opportunity.

Before all that though, I have to prepare for the move. I’ve already bought towels and sheets from Target. They were at a good price too. And the cashier at the register told me where I could go to get a garbage can at half the price of the store I visited, so I’ll be visiting that place most likely tomorrow. Saves me a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond or another trip to Target.

Still, not everything’s as easy as I would like it. I still have to figure something out with the furniture, because a lot of people are willing to let me have their old furniture, but all but one person says I have to pick it up myself. Figuring that out is going to be a challenge. Hopefully it won’t be another payment.

Speaking of payments, I’ve got cell phone bills and loans to repay and a credit card to pay back. I also have to pay groceries, cook my meals. I can afford to pay a bit more for quality food, but I can’t be doing too much or I’ll do myself financial harm. Still, need to eat healthy if I plan to live well past forty. And speaking of health, I have this weird back problem and should see a physical therapist for it, but I don’t know any, and they cost money, and without a driver’s license or a car it’ll cost money just to get there, I bet.

Speaking of that, I need to put more work into getting my license. Of course, that’s dependent on how much practice I get with my parents, and they’re not always available to do driving practice. Still, my sister managed to do it while working a full-time job and attending classes. I’ll just be working full-time. But even if I get my license soon, I’ll still need to afford the car. The point in my life where I’m ready to do that is still likely very far off, but it’s still something I should plan for and aim for.

Thank God I’m not in  relationship right now. I’m actually not sure if I’m even interested in having a romantic relationship, but I guess it would be nice. Still, no rush. Besides, who has the time or money when you’re trying to establish yourself as an independent adult? In fact, whoever feels I should make it a priority needs to keep their feelings to themselves.

Adulting seems to be making lists and getting items crossed off those lists. It seems like refining that mental calculator in my head that keeps track of my finances, making it that much more accurate and that much better at deciding what’s necessary and what’s not. It seems to be looking forward to taking a break or having a nap on a Saturday afternoon, something my dad does pretty regularly and which I never thought was my thing but now I’m starting to believe there may be more to the Saturday afternoon nap than I gave credit for. Am I starting to become my dad? God, there’s a scary thought right there.

I always thought that when I became an adult everything would be easy for me. Instead it’s a lot of working and worrying and making things happen so that I’m not running up the walls and into an asylum. I’m reminded of an article I read years ago in The Onion, about a man who almost has fun in a party but can’t because he keeps remembering all his obligations and worries.

I should print out that article and hang it out in my new office. Might remind me to chill every now and then and remember all the good stuff in my life, all the reasons to stay relaxed and not get too uptight. My family and friends. A good TV show or movie. All the books to read and all the stories to write. All the people who enjoy what I have to write, whether I’m blogging or putting it out in a book. My community. My faith.

Life changes. You grow up. You get older. You gain more responsibilities. You gain new responsibilities, and you drop a few by the wayside as well. But you still find ways to remember what’s important in life. and I certainly will do my best to keep all that and more in mind.

  1. I am not a massive fan of adulting so far and I definitely hate the whole job-search thing as well. I am lucky to have no debts or loans – I gotta say, that really seems to be an American thing mostly and that makes me sad for you.
    Still, I wish I didn’t have so many responsibilities already, because there is just so much I want to do, but I am either too tired to do or just don’t know how one does something. I have to say I haven’t really thought about being in a romantic relationship at the moment, it seems like so much effort. But I also have never been in one and that seems extremely odd at my age.
    I wish I had some time to just travel and experience the world instead of working and saving money and doing the supposedly right thing.

    • Yeah, America’s education system has a number of flaws that our politicians are just unwilling to address (unless it involves transgender teens or the Bible, in which case they’re more than willing to make stupid decisions). And I haven’t had girlfriend or boyfriend so far either and I’m older than you! Then gain, I am an eccentric, so…
      Yeah, it would be nice to do what we want to do when we want to do it, but life’s not that easy, unfortunately. I guess we’ll just have to pinch our pennies and hope for good things in life, right?

      • Just sitting around and hoping doesn’t seem like the most pro-active thing to do :/
        I watched a video the other day that said that you aren’t supposed to find your real job after graduating college. You are supposed to take risks and do whatever for a year or two and then get serious. You know, to sort of flush it out of your system. I would love to do that, but I just don’t know how. I’ve always focused on school, grades, doing the things that were expected of me.

      • And in my case, I can’t afford to do all that! I’ll instead work, save, and do the risks when I’m on vacation or retired. Of course, I could become a bestselling author before I retire, and vacation whenever the heck I feel like it, but I’m trying to be realistic on that.

      • I’ve always been good at saving and I barely have any expenses (bless my parents for sticking through it all with me), I still don’t think I could just up and leave either though. Too many obligations. However, I could maybe write a book with the character doing just that.

      • And now I’m getting ideas. Hmmm….I wonder if maybe I can work this into this idea I’ve been turning over in my mind lately…?

      • You can always try!

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