It’s Friday again, so you know what that means. It’s #FirstLineFriday! It’s also my twenty-third birthday. And the two-year anniversary of the publication of Snake. Pick which of those you think is most important. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now, if you don’t know what #FirstLineFriday is, let me break it down for you. On Fridays, you:

  1. Create a post on your blog with the title #FirstLineFriday, hashtag and all.
  2. Explain the rules like I’m doing now.
  3. Post the first one or two lines of a possible story, a work-in-progress, or a completed or published work.
  4. Ask your readers for feedback, and then encourage them to try #FirstLineFriday on their own blogs (tagging is encouraged but not necessary).

Now, given the information I presented at the beginning of the post, you can probably guess what sort of lines I’m posting this week. No, I’m not posting something about birthdays. I’m posting the first two lines of Snake! I don’t think I’ve posted those lines here before, so it’d be nice to post them here after two years of publication. Enjoy:

Paul Sanonia had been touched by a nightmare, an unbelievable disaster that had manifested in reality where it shouldn’t belong. Tonight, he was dwelling on the nightmare in St. Mark’s Cathedral—it didn’t matter that it wasn’t a Catholic cathedral, at this point a mosque would do—and no matter how many times he turned it over in his mind, he couldn’t see what the reason was behind it all, why his life had to have been touched, and why his cousin’s life had to have been touched more.

Thoughts? Errors? Think you’ll check it out just based on this opening? Let’s discuss in the comments below?

And while you’re at it, why not try #FirstLineFriday on your own blog? It’s easy, a lot of fun, and it’s great practice for writers who want to practice different openings for stories. In fact, I’m going to tag one of you to prove this point. Let’s see…I pick Cynthia G. on Persephone’s step-sisters. Congratulations, Cynthia, you’ve been chosen. You have to do your own #FirstLineFriday either this Friday or next. Good luck, and have fun with it!

That’s all for now. I’m off to celebrate my birthday. On Monday I start my new job, so I’m going to celebrate as much as possible while there’s time. Wish me luck, and have a lovely weekend, my Followers of Fear!

And if you would like to read Snake, you can find the links here: AmazonCreatespace, Barnes & Noble,iBooksSmashwords, and Kobo. Please make sure to check it out, and if you do decide to read the books, I hope you let me know what you think once you read it. Positive or negative, I love feedback, and it improves my skills overall as a storyteller. Happy reading!

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