Checking Into Copyright Law

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Living and Life, short story, Writing
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Okay, so today I stopped by the school library to see about copyright laws (if you’re going to self-publish something, might as well be protected by law from people using your work illegally and without permission). According to the woman whom I talked to, it’s actually much easier than I thought to copyright your literary work. A little costlier than I thought, but only by twenty dollars. Compared to tuition money, it’s not too bad. And hey, if this is a success, it’ll be worth the investment.

By the way, I’ve been thinking of releasing a short story not in the collection as a little promotion for The Quiet Game: Five Tales To Chill Your Bones. What do you guys think? Would you buy one of my short stories if it was priced at ninety-nine cents? Oh, and if you’re uncertain, I’m choosing between a kidnapping thriller and a scary story involving neo-Nazis. What say you?

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Oh, Rami, if you check with your peers, I think you’ll find they want everything free on the Internet.
    But if you find something that actually sells, please let me know. I might even pay 99 cents for it.
    Writing just ain’t what it used to be …

  2. Hi Rami…I think publishing a short story to promote a longer one is a great idea. You may consider offering it free only because the main mission is to promote the BOOK you want to sell. I want to turn you on to our editing book clubs because they are a great way to get an editor’s feedback at a really good price. Less than $15 per day. Just in case you’re interested…or your readers may be….here’s the link to apply for more info.

  3. Ah yes, the hurdle we all face, like a slippery wall with spikes in it! The key, I am told, is to grab the spikes and use them to scale. Then, barring an accidental impalement, you should be safe once you get over that hump. This metaphor is going weird places and I’m not sure how I got on it. I’m going to stop typing now.

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