My Second Self-Pub Authors Article: An Interview With Matthew Williams

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Journalism, Writing
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I told you I’d abbreviate that blog’s name the next time I let people know about an article I’d written for Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors.

This time, the article is an interview I had with my dear friend and science fiction writer Matthew Williams, whose own blog you can read here. I promised him an interview in return for hurrying up on getting Reborn City critiqued by a certain point, and although he was past the deadline, I did the interview anyway.

As Self-Pub Authors is about helping other authors learn about self-publishing, I mostly asked about Matt’s experiences with self-publishing and if he had any advice to dispense (if you read the interview, you will see that he most certainly did). After about a couple of weeks of back-and-forth emails, I asked him for a photo of himself, and then I created the post.

If you wish to read it, you can follow this link and read the article. And I strongly recommend subscribing to Self-Pub Authors I you’re a self-published author, preparing to be one, or if you’re thinking about becoming one. The advice here is indispensable, and it comes from writers of all different genres and experiences.


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