Remember my article on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors about when was the best time to publish a book? One of the recommendations I gave in that article is that during the first two weeks after Christmas, independent authors have a good chance of selling more books. One woman even claimed she was able to make enough money to write full-time by doing sales after Christmas every year.

Well, I don’t think I’ll make that much money and I know it’s been a few days after Christmas, but I think I’ll try this out and see what it gets me. From January 1st-January 14th, all my books–Snake, Reborn City, The Quiet Game–will be on sale, especially the e-books. So if you’re looking for something new to read this new year and you want a new scare or some new sci-fi in that new book, this might be your opportunity.

I look forward to enjoying your new fiction with you in two days’ time. Until then, have a good one, my Followers of Fear!

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