Self-Pub Authors: Creating An Acknowledgements Section

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Journalism, Writing
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My penultimate article on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors just went live this morning. Creating An Acknowledgements Section basically gives some useful tips on how to create a coherent acknowledgements section for your book. I thought it might be helpful to create an article on this because the acknowledgements section really isn’t talked about that much. I hope someone finds it useful!

And if you enjoy reading this article, check out my other recent articles as well. Doing an Excerpt came out April 7, When Trolls Attack! came out on the 13th, Creating Character Names came out on the 22nd, and What Makes A Strong Character will be out May 2nd. I hope you find them all fascinating reads, or at least helpful reads!

And if you get the chance, check out all of what Self-Published Authors have to offer. It’s a great blog with plenty of awesome articles on everything self-published authors need to know about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. So if you’re a self-published author or you’re considering become a self-published author, this blog may be a valuable resource for you.

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